DVD for System Backup: Advantages and Problems

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DVD for system backup

Using DVD for system backup can be a tricky task, as DVD media cannot provide much reliability principally required for this backup type. The progress cannot stand still, and the glory of DVDs slowly shades in the past.

Nowadays, the best DVD for computer backup is a USB or SSD drive; this is a truth. However, as DVDs are cheap and widely available, many people are using DVD for computer backup, e.g., backing up system images to their DVDs. Let us discuss about this practice of providing Backup to DVD.

Best DVD for System Backup

  • Choosing the best DVD for computer backup is quite simple; it can be any DVD-R dummy. No need for using DVR-RWs can emerge; if you are need to rewrite your system backups, use other media, a bit more proof to errors.

  • It be a common sense to say the DVD with a copy of your system must be kept in a box or envelope, properly marked with an exact name of your computer, type of the system and the date of backup. No orphan DVD lying at the corner can keep your system backup in safety!

Other Considerations Touching DVD for System Backup

  • Nowadays, this is no practical need to create a multi-boot DVD for system backup & recovery. The one key exception is when you are creating the image backup of the multi-boot disk using the third-party backup solution (e.g., Handy Backup).

  • When you are trying to find the best DVD for computer backup in an entire image (not just a copy of the system), please throw up the temptation to use and keep the spindled DVDs for keeping finalized backups. Always use envelopes or boxes!


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