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In addition to the extra-popular cloud service, Amazon S3 cloud, Amazon launched a much cheaper and slower, but as reliable as its faster counterpart. This cloud service, named Amazon Glacier, provides a high-latency but sturdy cloud data storage for just $0.01 per gigabyte per month.

By the whole spectrum of customer qualities, the Amazon Glacier service is very similar to old-days tape storages where important data was backed up for irregular usage. The typical data retrieval latency time with Amazon Glacier is an astonishing 3 to 5 hours. So the primary implementation of this cloud service is the backup of significant amounts of information changed on irregular basis.

The pros and cons of operating Amazon Glacier services are obvious due to its customer characteristics. It may be take into consideration that uploading any data on Glacier is free, but the downloading process may be charged due to regional and commercial standards of Amazon.

Amazon Glacier Backup Capabilities

The most reasonable idea about Amazon Glacier backup implementations is, of course, to use it instead an obsolete tape backup. The web client interface may be used along with specialized Amazon Glacier backup software by third-party companies (such as CloudBerry Backup or freeware FastGlacier).

These are relatively small amount of backup solutions using Amazon Glacier as the standard option for data keeping. But due to economic and technical capabilities of this service, the quantity of these solutions will be increased over time.

See also: Amazon S3 Client for Backup.

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