Backup to Amazon Glacier with Utility Client Software

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In addition to Amazon S3 cloud, there is some other storage services provided by Amazon, such as Glacier storage for long-term keeping of those different data which are not entered into a day-by-day workflow.

For these “preserved” data, Amazon Glacier backup is a good method of keeping intact.

Amazon Glacier Backup Software

Basic Amazon Glacier Backup Review

Cheap, Slow and Sturdy

Amazon Glacier backup utility allows keeping data with high latency (with delay from 3 to 5 hours to restore) but at very low price. The heaviest price tag is for retrieving a stored backup to Amazon Glacier; a payment for storage itself is just $0.01 per Gb. Therefore, this is a sort of “tape backup”.

Selection of Amazon Glacier Backup Tool Software

These are some featured Amazon Glacier backup client software. If you will plan to store on Amazon Glacier Windows Server backup or a database snapshot, then CloudBerry will help. For home Amazon Glacier photo backup or video archiving, this is freeware FastGlacier to use.

Note that these solutions often have only a limited capability to store different types of crucial data, making Amazon Glacier incremental backup, encrypting data snapshots and so on. For a full-featured Amazon Glacier backup utility, please refer to future Handy Backup plug-in!

Coming Soon: Amazon Glacier Backup Utility for Handy Backup

Developers of Handy Backup will be glad to add a new feature of Amazon Glacier backup to the list of storage plug-ins. This new utility will allow home and Windows server backup using all traditional Handy Backup features such as Amazon Glacier incremental backup, scheduling and making entire drive snapshots.

Crucial Advantages of Amazon Glacier Backup with Handy Backup

This is the short list of key features the new plug-in will add to Handy Backup as Amazon Glacier backup software utility.

Want a New Amazon Glacier Backup Plug-in? Please Help Us to Develop It!

If you need for a new Amazon Glacier backup tool as a part of Handy Backup, please send us a letter to describe your wants, opinions and needs touching the matter of Amazon Glacier backup. We will glad to put your ideas into a practice, making new Amazon Glacier backup software even more helpful for you!

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