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Photo Backup Software

Photo backup solutions let copy images to various storage. Frequently software does operations automatically, but in some situations, photos need to back up in a controllable mode. Using of HandyBackup is a secure, fast and easily manageable way to backup digital photos to My Pictures folder!

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Version 8.3.5, built on May 6, 2022
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Key Advantages of Photo Backup with HandyBackup

Easy Backup

All Tricks in Six Clicks

Very fast, very convenient, very easy to use; this is all about HandyBackup! The convenient graphical user interface allows you making a typical task to auto backup photos in just six clicks. The "My Pictures" plug-in helps you to backup photos from your default user folder with graphic information.

Photo Backup in native data formats

Copy, Keep and Use Your Photo Backup Freely

Unless you use data encryption, HandyBackup will always take photo backup in native data formats,, i.e., it preserves original JPEG or GIF files on a copy that it stores to photo backup drive. Therefore, you can browse, use or even modify your photos from backup directly without recovery!

Auto Backup Photos

Auto Backup Photos with Advanced Options

The image backup task can be scheduled and repeated within a range of one minute to several months. Using HandyBackup contains an option to apply partial backup (incremental, differential or mixed). For the user`s convenience photo backup folders have time-stamping.

Backup Storage

As a rule, keeping photo backup takes place at a local disk or to external devices as well as cloud (S3- or WebDAV-driven cloud, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.), some network resource such as NAS, shared folder or FTP server.

An online backup solution is useful for remote backup. In this case, photo backup software helps to send copies other locations for preservation.

Tip: Nowadays, the best photo backup cloud solutions are big services such as Google Drive. There is a toolset to modify and share photos!

Where to Backup Photos and Pictures

Customers About Photo Backup by HandyBackup

Review About Photo Backup by Handy Backup

"I always backup photos to OneDrive with Handy Backup instead of a built-in sync. It is great, with its automation and scheduling functions! This software helps me securing my photo backup collection on both a cloud and an external USB media drive."

Justin O’Hare, a still-life photographer

Testimonials About Photo Backup Software

"I′ve used several backup programs over the years, and Handy Backup is by far the best of them all. I′m a photographer, so it′s vital that I back up all my pictures. I can′t take a chance on losing any of them I like Handy Backup because it gives me the option of backing up uncompressed files and I can actually see my pictures in the backup. It′s also very flexible."

Chandra Clint, a wedding photographer and video maker

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Standard

Version 8.3.5, built on May 6, 2022. 111 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 39 USD per license.

HandyBackup Standard

The Standard edition for home users contains all functions and plug-ins to backup pictures to cloud, local drive or a home data server with shared folders in fully automatic mode!

Non-Photo Pictures Backup

In addition, diagrams, vector graphics, Photoshop project files, layers and textures can copy by Handy Backup. There are features to back up photos online and locally. File masks with picture-related extensions such as *.png or *.jpeg help to work with digital images different photo formats.

The Most Simple Way to Backup Photos

Turn a task wizard to advanced mode on Step 1, and then set up a file extension mask for file name on Step 2. Use the Computer (or other data source) plugin to access picture storage. HandyBackup will find all files with these extensions, and then auto backup photos to a chosen destination.

Setting file masks for photo backup

Running regular backup tasks by photo backup software has great importance. Avoid saying “it will never happen to me”, probably your hard drive will never fail, anyway it is necessary to backup photos to protect files from mishaps. Furthermore, you save time on data recovery due to unforeseen circumstances.

Backup My Pictures by HandyBackup: mini-instruction

Here we are teaching you how to make the simplest task for backup photos from My Pictures folder automatically to some other place. The User Manual includes step-by-step instructions. Please refer to.

  1. Open Handy Backup and click on the "Create" button on the main control panel to make a task.
  2. On Step 1, select "Backup", then choose "Use Advanced Wizard" and tap on "Next".
  3. On Step 2, click the My Pictures plug-in name on the left panel.
  4. In the "Select data..." dialog, mark checkboxes against files planning to back up.
  5. Click OK, and then click Next to go to Step 3.

Tip: Alternatively, there is an option of using Computer plug-in from the Local or Network Folder group. The plug-in allows saving different types of local data, not only backup photos but also any other files and folders. Additional option is using file filters to select all photos from a computer to backup.

  1. On Step 3, select storage for photo backup. Click onto its name.

Note: At this place, if you select it as a storage, the program asks about making a connection to some external resource (for example FTP or cloud). Just click "Create a connection..." and enter account data in the next window (or windows) to use selected storage. It`s simple! (Local drives require no configuring.)

  1. Choose a folder where you will store backups, tap on OK and then click Next.
  2. On Step 6, enable scheduler to set up automatic photo backup.
  3. Proceed until the last step by clicking Next. In the end, name your task. Click Finish.

Process has completed. New photo backup task has been made. Run it at any time, or schedule it by the task properties window. Auto backup photos from your “My Pictures” library will a fully completed task! Download the best free photo backup software for PC on 30 day trial just now.

Video Tutorial: How to Back up My Pictures

In this video, we will show making an advanced photo backup task for Handy Backup. Here, we will copy PNG digital picture files to Microsoft OneDrive, but you can use any format and storage instead. This video demonstrates an advanced task wizard mode with a full course of task creation and settings.

Video contains information about making a new task, setting up file filters on Step 2 to find files with a desired extension automatically, connecting to OneDrive storage, and operating with all other task parameters on each of eight steps of a new task wizard. Finally, you will see how a task works.

Note: You can stay in a simple task wizard mode instead, to make a common photo backup task with just six clicks and minimal efforts. Moreover, of course, you can always copy photos by the same way from not only My Pictures folder but from everywhere, by using the Computer plug-in for task setup.

Free Download

Version 8.3.5, built on May 6, 2022
111 MB

Experience our convenient photo backup software by downloading a 30-day free trial version of Handy Backup!


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