Photo Backup Software: Choosing a Proper Storage and Schedule

Photo Backup

Photo backup software is an important part of the photographer’s workflow. To keep all fascinating images of reality through a prism of individual experience through time and perils is a part of master’s duty.

It seems reasonable to save a copy of any shot at least twice, both when you processing it and when you wish to keep the final result. So when you purchasing the photography backup software you buy your comfort as well.

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Picture Backup Strategy

Backing up your photos you can reach two different goals:


Preserve a new shot or a result of some stage of processing from human errors, computer-based perils or hardware mishaps throughout the entire workflow process.


Keep the final result as the completed work in your photo archives.

Both goals have different strategies. Your workbench must have automatic pictures backup taken on every stage of processing. So photo backup software must be able to schedule backups and perform the differential or, at least, the incremental backup.

Key principles of backing up photos to the archive are the ability of archive structure to be catalogued and sorted by as much attributes as possible, as well as the stability and cheapness of the long-time keeping a lot of photos.

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Standard

Version 7.19.0, built on 8 November, 2018. 164 MB. Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 39 USD per license.

Handy Backup Standard

The software lets you back up your photos to local and USB drives, network-attached storages (NASes), FTP servers or clouds. Options include compression, encryption and scheduling. Free 30-days trial version!

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Choosing the Picture Backup Storage Media

For keeping the workflow data, the most rational storage is hard drives, both local (built-in or direct-accessed through external interfaces) and network-attached.

Another method available is to backup photos online; this can be achieved through FTP, SFTP or FTPS, or by online cloud storage services. Cloud storages are very effective and readily available, include specialized cloud backup services.

Using clouds as photo online backup storage requires dedicated photo backup software have a significant advantage of accessibility. For example, when a reporter backup photos to Google Drive, he or she can download these photos over the Internet at any time.

Picture Backup Storage

Backing up Photos with Handy Backup

Handy Backup is an easy-to-use backup software that will help you to backup photo files quickly and effectively.

Selection of backup files

Simple selection of files
Our backup utility allows specifying file masks and backing up files of specific name and extension. For example, if you add certain text to image names after processing, you can easily add them to the task by using the corresponding file mask.

Backup options

Options for backup
Handy Backup allows you keep not only graphic files such as photos, but other files and directories, databases, system files, disk images and other. It may perform full, incremental, differential and mixed backup, as well as encryption and compression of stored files.

Backup storage

Variety of storage media
Photos can be copied to the hard disk locally or via the network, as well as by some other backup storage media. We also suggest photo online backup option, using private or commercial clouds such as Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox or our dedicated cloud service

Backup scheduling

Scheduling tasks
You can schedule backups to run automatically, and back up each day, each week, or whenever you want from minutes to months. There are many useful features for scheduling, such as E-mail notification and running other programs before or after the task.

Non-Photo Pictures Backup

You can also back up pictures of different formats than photos, e.g. diagrams, vector pictures, Photoshop project files, layers and textures. Handy Backup has instruments to backup pictures online and locally, using file masks with picture-related extensions such as *.png or *.gif.

How to Backup Pictures?

Just set up a file extension mask for file name and then select a “Computer” (or other data source) plug-in to seek data you need. Handy Backup will find all files with described extensions and auto backup pictures to a selected destination.

Setting file masks for photo backup

Performing regular backup tasks with your photo backup software has great importance. Avoid saying “it will never happen to me”, there is a chance that your hard drive will never fail, but it is also necessary to backup photos to protect them from mishaps, and saving your time from wasting.

Flickr Photo Backup

You can, say, backup Flickr to Dropbox or to any other place, using Handy Backup to save a copy of a local folder used by some Flickr backup tool as a synchronization (such as Flickr Uploader or FlickrBucket). Saving this folder, you will backup Flickr photos to some other storage.

How to Send Flickr Backup to Other Storage Using Handy Backup?

To make a Flickr photo backup task, use the “Computer” plug-in to find a folder corresponding to particular syncing software. (Most of these solutions allow selecting a folder between some local directories, often subfolders of the “Images” library.)

  • Step one. Download, install and configure some software solution allowing synchronizing Flickr with a local folder. Remember a name of this folder and a path to it.
  • Step two. Open Handy Backup, create a new backup task and choose the “Computer” plug-in as a data source. Then select a folder you remembered from a previous step as a data source for backup Flickr photos. On the next step, select also a destination for Flickr backup.

Adding the Computer plug-in to backup set

Using Flickr for Photo Backup Directly

Unfortunately, this is almost no way to backup photos to Flickr as a storage, except synchronizing it with a local folder by some utility mentioned above. Therefore, if you planning using Flickr to backup photos set up one of these tools and backup all photos to Flickr via Handy Backup and an appropriate folder.

  • Technique. To backup photos to Flickr, modify the sequence described above, selecting a Flickr synchronized folder on the Step 3 as a destination. Make sure that your backup Flickr account must display all these photos (as it will do it)!

Download Handy Backup

Version 7.19.0, built on 8 November, 2018
164 MB

Keep your photo collection and pictures at work intact using our Handy Backup solutions for automation of storing copies of your valuable photos!

Customers about Handy Backup

I’ve used several backup programs over the years, and Handybackup is by far the best of them all. I'm a photographer, so it’s vital that I back up all my images. I can’t take a chance on losing any of them I like HandyBackup because it gives me the option of backing up uncompressed files and I can actually see my images in the backup. It’s also very flexible.

Feedback from Handy Backup User, August 2016
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