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DVD copying is the process of data transferring that involves one or several DVD discs. Similar to any other type of copying, it can be performed for several reasons, from data distribution to creation of multiple instances of important information, for organizational or backup purposes.

With DVD copying, you can backup your DVD collection to insure its safety against being lost, stolen, scratched, or damaged in some different way. Generally, this needs to be done with specialized DVD backup software. But you need to remember that regardless of if you want to save data on some local hard drive, or copy files to DVD disc, the information that you are copying may be protected by copyright laws and international treaties. Other important things to consider in DVD copying software include CSS decryption, compression, and DVD quality.

To back up or duplicate data of a DVD disk, you need to use specialized software. For example, to back up data files stored on a DVD, you can use Handy Backup.

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