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The replication of DVD discs is a process that is different of copying DVD discs. DVD replication final product is a clone or replica of original. During the copying process of DVD discs data is simply burned over the blank DVD (like in Backup to DVD), but replica of DVD is made during the manufacturing process.

This process starts with checking master that was brought from client for any mistakes and data corruption. The next step is making perfect glass master that is used for developing of stamper made of nickel. The stamper is a part of molding machine (dvd replication machine) that produces the final product: DVD replica.

The question arises: What Should I choose if I need a lot of DVD copies for my business? Of course every type of has its advantages and disadvantatges:

DVD Replication Pros

  • Lower Price
  • You can have up to 2 layer on each side of DVD (on duplicated DVD you can have only one layer on each side of DVD)

DVD Replication Cons

  • The time of production is higher than during duplication (it takes about 7-9 business)
  • Most companies require the minimum order (1000 units)

As you can see DVD replication is more convenient if you want to make a big amount of copies with a big capacity (dvd clone can contain up to 25 gb). The choice is yours and you can take the most convenient method for you, your home or your business.

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