How to copy a DVD: Copying Software for DVD Cloning

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clone DVD for Backup

Dvd copying (or dvd cloning) sometimes scares inexperienced user but there is nothing to be afraid of. This process (also known as DVD rip) may be conducted without any expenses. On the internet you can easily find free DVD copying software. And also another thing that is important is DVD-drive in your computer.

But also you need to get free DVD copying software. There also the dozens of free DVD software on the internet which also can produce span backup across multiple DVDs. To sum up, there are four essential things for dvd copying process:

  • DVD-drive;
  • DVD-disc (DVD-r or DVD-rw);
  • DVD copying software;
  • DVD burning software.

Also you can find software that can copy and burn data simultaneously. In this case you need to have 2 DVD-drives and two DVD discs (one should blank). You should choose as a source path the disc that you want to copy and as a destination the Blank DVD disc.

DVD for Backup

There is a type of discs that you can’t use two times for burning the data on them. This type is called DVD-r discs. You can use them only once and then you can’t overwrite the data on them. Of course, you can use them for copying the data or watching the movies that is written on it.

In case of choosing Backup to DVD the question arises:”What storage is appropriate for me”. There are pros and cons of every storage. DVD-rw disc is useful if you want to make data backup. And I want to put a light on its pros and cons. There is comparison table for DVD-r and DVD-rw as backup media.

Time of useYou can write the data on DVD-r only once and data can’t be erasedYou can use it multiple times
CostLowAbout two times higher than DVD-r

Two sum up, both types of DVDs has its advantages and disadvantages. The choice is yours what to use. There are a lot of cases that require different types of DVD storage.

Features of DVD cloning software

How to copy a DVD

There are bunch of characteristics using which we can describe the quality of DVD cloning software. Sometimes it may be complicated because you can’t see the difference (except price). But I suppose that you can rely on opinions of users that had an experience of working with different software.

Of course, one of the features that is essential for DVD copying software is speed. Upon speed depends how soon you could desirable DVD clone. This feature is one for the most attention is paid. But sometimes developers of software lose quality in chase for speed of burning.

Another important feature is the variety of types of discs that can be burnt using each software solution. For some of us it is expensive to buy the program for each type of disc (even it is the best in its niche).

Backup to DVD

Every buyer of computer software should check the compatibility with the OS that her or she has. Some of burning software can’t, for example, operate on Windows 8 platform. That’s a pity to find out that the software you have bought for $30 isn’t working on your computer.

There are a lot of features of burning software and every professional developer wants to put a word in this endless discussion. In the end, i’d like to sum up the features that I suppose are the most important for Burning software:

  • Speed of burning
  • Types of discs that can be burnt using this software
  • Compatibility with OS


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