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Network Storage for Backup is the matter of choosing among quite a number of opportunities these days. Let’s try to figure out the optimal strategy.

Handy Backup Server Network

Version 8.4.2, built on September 19, 2022. 111 MB
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Handy Backup Server Network

Try the complete enterprise backup solution brining you the backing up of all network workstations from a single network administrator PC.

Handy backup features, like simultaneous access to backup data for multiple users, make network storage a popular data backup option for business. Consequently, today’s market offers a wealthy variety of network storage devices and different solutions designed to supply networked computers with data storage services. Networked storages can serve for different purposes, such as protecting data from loss (backup), providing fast access to information for multiple users, and other.

There are different types of network storage for backup data: backing up to FTP servers, copying to NAS, Online Backup storage, and others.

Basically, there are two options for backing up to a network storage: on-site and off-site backup strategies.

On-site Backup: Owning a Network Storage

The on-site strategy supposes backing up to your local network storage like an internal FTP server or NAS storage.

On-site backup advantages

  • Fast backup and restore: with LAN speeds even around 1Gbps in comparison with typical access to the Internet at several Mbps, the on-site backup strategy seems really attractive from the position of backup speed.
  • Ownership: you depend on no one but yourself in running the network storage.

On-site backup disadvantages

Among disadvantages there are costs on purchasing, keeping, and repairing the equipment (storage, server cupboards, etc.) and risks of local damage (natural disasters, vandalism, storage failures, and others).

Off-site Backup and Renting a Network Storage

The off-site strategy supposes backing up to remote network storage like remote FTP or cloud-based servers.

Off-site backup advantages

Off-site backup advantages are delivered by the fact that your data is stored remotely. So, if any storage misfortune happens locally (data theft, fire, etc.), the data is secure. Also, there is a chance to use the network storage service provided by professionally operated data centers.

Off-site backup disadvantages

Among disadvantages there are the issue of backup speed which depends of the bandwidth of your network connection. Also, with an off-site backup strategy you rent a network storage: you keep on paying the rent and some data centers might be not 100% downtime-proof.

One of the most popular off-site backup options recently is the cloud backup technology which helps you store data to multiple virtual servers rather than on a dedicated server. This is a rather low-cost option for off-site server backup which considerably reduces risks of data loss from natural disasters and other human- and media-error incidents.

Backing up to Network with Handy Backup

Handy Backup has a number of options that can make your backups exclusively effective.

  • Absolutely automatic backup. Flexible scheduler lets you schedule your
  • Built-in backup compression and backup encryption. Information transferred to network storage can be intelligently processed and stored in compliance with required data handling and security policies.
  • Drive imaging. In addition to common files backup, the utility supports sector-based copying which can be used to back up operating system, boot records and other data that is commonly locked by OS (and the whole magic can be managed via a network, even for tricky Linux network backup tasks).

Server Network Backup Features

Handy Backup also features multiple server-specific functions, such as MS Exchange Server backup, Oracle backup, MS SQL Server backup and other. BTW there is a wider list of backup features of our software if you want to know more.

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Version 8.4.2, built on September 19, 2022
111 MB

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