A New Version 7.5.1: Cleared User Interface, Revised MS SQL and MySQL Functionality, New Speed of WebDAV

July 17, 2014

Dear friends! We are glad to bring you the hot update of our popular Handy Backup data-keeping utility designated as version 7.5.1. This update provides users a new clear and intuitive-looking interface, as well as MS SQL and MySQL database engines control possibilities and great speeding up the data exchange between the software and the popular Yandex.Disk cloud service using WebDAV.

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Version 8.2.3, built on March 29, 2021
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Interface Becomes Self-Explaining

We are clear and refine all the elements of the classical program interface to bring user an intuitive inside about every function performed by our software. All signs and texts appearing on GUI when you are using Handy Backup becomes even more informative and self-explaining then before!

New Possibilities of Interaction with Database Engines

From this version update you can restore MySQL data to non-existing databases with just a single click. Also the stability of operations with complex data under MS SQL Server is improved to next level, preventing a possibility of data loss by a bit more.

Writing to Yandex.Disk Becomes Faster

The Yandex.Disk commercial cloud can keep a lot of data and have significantly increased its popularity last years. We are proud to tell you we are improve the speed of exchanging data with Yandex.Disk through WebDAV feature built in Handy Backup.

Download the Handy Backup 7.5.1 now from the product downloading page.

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