MySQL Backup Software for Windows and Linux

Handy Backup operates as perfect MySQL backup software, allowing creating hot table data snapshots without interrupting current SQL transactions.

With scheduling, an ability to roll back a database to any point in time, and other features Handy Backup is often considered one of the best MySQL backup solutions for Windows and Linux.

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MySQL backup

Backup and Recovery of MySQL Databases

There are two principal ways in which a MySQL can be backed up:

  • Cold backup suggests stopping the server, ensuring that all cached data is saved, and then copying binary files. As a general rule, this method should not be used, because server downtime usually results in lost productivity and revenues.
  • Hot backup is a more sophisticated approach which lets you take live (online) MySQL snapshots while the database is queried or updated. It is performed on logical level using MySQL interfaces rather than HDD files.
Hot backup

Handy Backup uses a hot backup technology, similar to the one employed in MySQL Enterprise Backup (Oracle’s proprietary software for enterprise editions of MySQL). It works quickly and allows creating automatic backup for particular tables, tablespaces, and entire databases.

Restoration of MySQL Backup

The primary goal of database recovery is to restore the information after data loss event or a server failure. It is also useful for cloning and mirroring. See below the list of other basic possibilities for recovering the MySQL database backup:

  • To recover database after a data loss event or a server failure.
  • To migrate from MySQL to other databases (read about the MySQL Backup plug-in below).
  • To set up replication servers (either in master-to-master, or master-to-slave configurations).
  • To create a copy of a base that you can use for experiments.

Recovery operations work equally for MySQL backup Linux or Windows versions. To learn more, please refer to MySQL recovery.

MySQL recovery

Backup MySQL Database Windows or Linux in Handy Backup

Handy Backup features a powerful MySQL backup plug-in that acts like a MySQL client and retrieves data without interrupting the server actions. MySQL backup with Handy Backup requires no additional software. You only need to find and select the MySQL plug-in in the Database list.

During a trial period, you will have all plug-ins available freely in the trial version, including the MySQL plug-in.

MySQL Backup Software: file system

File system provided by the MySQL plug-in. Folders are databases, files are tables.

The MySQL Backup option connects to the server and backs up database contents into a dump file. The resulting backup file contains all SQL queries required to reproduce the original database including all tables, tablespaces, stored procedures, functions, and other data.

Note: You can also use MySQL backup Linux options from Windows by providing a server IP or name to connect it from Windows version of Handy Backup. To backup MySQL database Linux remote servers provide full access to its data.

Top Features of MySQL Backup Tool

Hot Backup and Recovery

Hot Backup and Recovery

The use of advanced hot backup technology lets you protect data without interrupting your web applications and website services!

Partial and Full Backup

Partial and Full Backup

The featured utility can back up the entire database as a whole, or copy any selected database tables. Save time and space of backup by copying only just you need!

MySQL Backup Script in Linux

Replacing MySQL Backup Script in Windows and Linux

Make automatic MySQL backup with all options in a single program, instead of creating a complex MySQL backup script for Linux shells or a Windows batch file.

Backup Local and Network Databases

Backup of Local and Networked Databases

You can back up MySQL database stored not only on your local machine, but on any remote computer on the network, effectively replacing remote MySQL backup command in Linux and Windows.

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

Backup MySQL to Google Drive, Dropbox, to Amazon S3 or to another popular cloud, using either a dedicated cloud plug-in or a WebDAV access. Another option is the HBDrive cloud for backups.

Native Data Format

Preserving Native Data Format

Make copies with Handy Backup and then process these copies with any software you wish to apply, as Handy Backup does not change format or attributes of data it backs up.

Secure SSL Connection

Secure SSL Backup

SSL backup for MySQL provides secure data transmission between the database server and the backup tool using SSL encryption, ensuring data integrity and protection against unauthorized access during backup and restoration processes.

To learn about other things you can do to your MySQL database with Handy Backup, please see MySQL Automatic Backup.

Backup MySQL Database with a Generic Database Plug-in

In addition to the plug-in described above, our software also has a general Database Backup plug-in that can be used to export tables through ODBC connectivity. This plug-in lacks support for certain MySQL objects (e.g. stored routines) and requires you to install ODBC Driver for MySQL which you can download from the official MySQL website.

To learn more about this plug-in, please refer to ODBC backup. Note that it is primarily the MySQL backup tool for Windows.

Database Backup Plug-in
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Version 8.5.3 , built on March 5, 2024. 116 MB
30-day full-featured trial period

Handy Backup is a reliable MySQL backup tool that enables you to completely automate everything related to protection of your databases, websites and MySQL-driven applications!

Backup, Replication or Mirroring?

Replication means sharing database content between multiple physical or virtual MySQL servers (nodes), in order to improve application performance, security, and other critical parameters. To a certain extent, replication resembles clustering: if one node crashes, this does not cause to failure of an entire website or application.

Note: While replication is a good security measure, it is important to understand that it cannot replace regular backup.

Scheme of master-to-slave MySQL replication

Since it is usually performed in real time, dropping (deleting) a database on master server will repeat the same operation on slave servers, resulting in loss of data.

The same is valid for MySQL mirroring, which is simply another name for master-to-master replication.

MySQL replication requires copying master database to different servers, and configuring these servers to act as MySQL Slaves.

Here is a common scenario, where Handy Backup can be of great help:

  1. Download and install Handy Backup.
  2. Using the MySQL Backup plug-in, create a backup of the database you want to replicate.

An advice: You can use online backup on this step, for example, making a MySQL backup to S3 from Amazon. This allows you having an access to a copy from any point of the world!

  1. In each backup file change MySQL storage engine to MyISAM. Since the backups are created in a very understandable form, you can do it with any text editor by changing CREATE TABLE statements in the beginning of each file.

Note: Changing storage engine is a general recommendation for any master-to-slave replication configuration. MySQL Slave servers are supposed to be read-only, and setting MyISAM as a storage engine greatly improves their performance.

  1. Restore modified backup files to MySQL Slave servers.
  2. For each Slave server, set a unique server-id parameter, and then use the CHANGE MASTER TO statement to set up communication with the MySQL Master server.

For more details on replication and setting up combination of replication and backup, please refer to MySQL replication.

Licensing Information

The MySQL backup plug-in is available in two editions of Handy Backup: Small Business and Server Network. Both editions contain a full set of plug-ins, where the principal difference is that the Small Business edition works with only one computer, while the Server Network edition enables you to back up several servers and workstations on the complex network.

MySQL Backup and Recovery: Video Tutorial

The next video will teach you of creating MySQL backup tasks in Handy Backup. This example illustrates a complete process of creating and even proofing MySQL backup procedures, as well as show how to recover a table from previous backup.

Handy Backup for Hosting Providers

We are open for cooperation with business partners from all fields of IT industry, including OEM, technological integrators, service providers, and other. Partnership details are discussed individually, in respect of each partner’s resources and expertise.

As regards MySQL backup, Handy Backup solutions are already employed by a number of web hosting providers who use it to back up client websites and databases. If you would like to join our partner network or learn more about how we can help your business, please visit the Partners section.

Customers about Handy Backup

Customers about Handy Backup

MySQL backup speed is great. For MySQL is Excellent, Super Fast, Super Easy! For now we are planning to recommend Handy Backup to our customers.

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