A New Version 7.5: Advanced Backup Monitoring/Reporting and Adding Yandex.Disk to Data Storages

September 01, 2014

Dear clients! The hot as summer, new version of Handy Backup data-keeping software marked as version 7.5.2 is available now for downloading from our site. Under this update the backup monitoring/reporting functionality is improved, and completely new automated data storage appears, linked to the growing in popularity Yandex.Disk cloud service.

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Version 8.2.3, built on March 29, 2021
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Backup Monitoring and Reporting Functionality Becomes More Helpful

From this version E-mail notifications set up by user will attain a short report about the backing up and restoration activity undertaken by software in the theme field of E-mail. This new feature can significantly speed up analysis of backup monitoring/reporting by user.

Yandex.Disk as a Separate Data Storage

The new update promotes the popular Yandex.Disk commercial cloud to the status of independent data storage instead of using WebDAV feature to link with it. Setting up and using Yandex.Disk continuously in your backing up and restoration tasks becomes much faster and comfortable.

Download the version 7.5.2 of Handy Backup just now, using our product downloading page.

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