Version 7.6 Released

October 01,2014

Timestamp Backup Allows Advanced Control of Versioned Backup

Dear friends! The Handy Backup team unleash a new level of functionality adding timestamp backup with a release of new version 7.6. Users can completely control the backup timeline, automatically adding the versioned backup information to backup folder names.

The time stamp is the label containing exact date and time of creating the particular backup and the version number (if available). These labels can be used for quick searching and sorting backups by the time of its creation.

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Version 8.2.3, built on March 29, 2021
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Timestamp Backup Functionality

Starting from this version, backup with timestamp can be added to any new or existing task created with Handy Backup 7. Time stamp can be used freely with any data type backed up.

The time stamp and version number appears directly on the name of backup folder, allowing using these data in different external utilities and scripts. Automation of data workflow can be much deeper using this feature.

You can read more useful info about versioned backup, looking timestamp backup article.

To explore the power of timestamp backup with 30-days free trial, download the version 7.6.

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