Online Backup Software for Providers of Internet and Web Services

Online backup software for service providers is the reliable method of keeping data copies. Handy Backup provides such a solution for any provider and any popular cloud service, allowing expanding this solution by the partnership program.

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Supported Cloud Services

Commercial Clouds

Today, Handy Backup contains some plug-ins for using most popular clouds as both backup storages and data sources through the cloud API functions, requiring no third-party software or network bridge services to access the cloud content. The list of these clouds includes:

  • Amazon S3, the popular commercial cloud storage, which is also a base for some other clouds;
  • Dropbox, the most popular solution among individual users to keep and share their data files;
  • Google Drive, the part of Google online service, allowing keeping large amount of data;
  • Microsoft OneDrive, the component of general Windows environment, popular among users;
  • Yandex.Disk, the quickly grown Asian cloud service with a cheap and vast storage capability;
  • HBDrive, the Handy Backup own cloud service dedicated to keep backups intact and secure.

Plug-ins for most popular clouds

Dedicated Provider Plug-ins for Online Backup

Some service providers such as 4shared and Xref for AutoCAD have dedicated plug-ins to use with Handy Backup. These features utilize cloud-specific API presented by providers as a part of the partnership program. Any partner of Handy Backup can settle its own plug-in as a software feature.

  • If you want to have a dedicated plug-in for your online backup service, please register as the Handy Backup partner and then contact our sellers or tech support to tell them about your wish. We are glad to make a new plug-in for our partner, to further provide its service!

Using WebDAV Connections

Any service provider or owner can configure the access to the personalized cloud storage for online backup by allowing the WebDAV protocol to transfer files to and from this cloud. Therefore, if you have no plans for a dedicated plug-in matching your service, you can still use Handy Backup via WebDAV.

Key Features of Handy Backup Partnership Solution

As an online backup solution for service providers, Handy Backup has some advantages and features making the partnership and program usage both simple and effective for both partner companies and end-users:

  • Automation. The main purpose of Handy Backup is automatic online and local (offline) backup, removing as much manual operations as possible. Schedule all your tasks and activities, make email notifications, plan reactions on events related to backup – all within a single solution!
  • Customization. Rebrand Handy Backup for your business needs! Turn Handy Backup into a part of your service provider software for online backup, making it in your unique feel and design to blend with other products in the line.
Backup Scheduling

  • Scalability. Apply Handy Backup to separate computers, network nodes and entire infrastructures by selecting the appropriate online backup solution for a particular provider infrastructure or a particular goal. Scaling Handy Backup network is a simple thing!
  • Silent Running Mode. Handy Backup can operate as Windows service, hiding the GUI from users. Network Agents of Handy Backup always run as services. This option can be useful to eliminate user distraction, after tuning up all backup operations to run smoothly.

Run as Windows Service

  • High Speed. Backup solution for hosting providers shows very high performance marks, due to extended multi-threading, optimizing network operations and intuitive, classical-looking user interface. Any solution is resources-friendly and use as fast methods of data moving as possible.
  • Compatibility. Designed for Windows, the software supports all the native versions of Windows include Windows 10/8/7/Vista, as well as all server products such as Windows 2012(R2) and Windows 2008(R2). It can also back up Linux workstations and servers.

How to Enter the Partnership Program

We are open for partnership with any service providers. If you are interested, join us as the full-scale Handy Backup partner! Register as our partner, and get bonuses and benefits of this partnership according to your business. Stay with us, to build your future on a sturdy and handy backup strategy!

Customers about Handy Backup

My company has been testing backup software for the last 13 years and we have found Handy Backup the only application to do what we want and when we want without causing any problems. We now sell this application to all our users and recommend it to everyone.

Feedback from Mary Styles, iiNet, Australia’s second largest DSL Internet Service Provider
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