Backup Data Files with ZIP Compression

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Backup compression is used to save space on storage media and minimize connection time and bandwidth if you back up to FTP server, network storage, or run an online backup.

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Generally, there are two methods of compression: “preliminary” and "on-the-fly".

  • Preliminary backup compression - data as a whole is compressed before it is written.
  • On-the-fly backup compression implies that PC backup is compressed immediately during recording, which allows reducing three steps into one. This method is used in Handy Backup in all cases when data needs to be stored in a single location (not several) and is not encrypted.

Backup Compression Types

Two main approaches for backup compression, both implemented in the featured software:


Compressing data backup into a single file. As a result of this operation, there is only one ZIP backup file which is easy to manage and, if desired, decompress manually.

Note: This approach may or may not require creating a temporary folder for compressing files. You may select this option using the appropriate checkbox. By default, it is off, speeding the compression process and significantly reducing the requirements for the hard drive.

Single ZIP Backup


Compressing files backup into multiple files. This approach results in creation of separate ZIP archives for each file backed up.

You may want to force creating a temporary folder, for example, in case of unstable connections between the computer and the online backup destination. Note: In case of a drive image backup, the whole set of data is always written into a single file.

Backup Compression Levels

The utility features a built-in ZIP compression engine with the choice of 10 compression levels. The difference between the lowest and the highest compression ratio is about 30%; however it is also strongly affected by the type of data. Compression of plain text file backup is the most effective and can reduce its size by 95%, whereas for disk images the effect rarely exceeds 5%.

To learn more about the backup utility with the ZIP compression enabled, please see the full list of backup features of the software. One more type of compression is implemented in Handy Backup - data deduplication technology.

Recommended Solution with ZIP Compression

Handy Backup Standard

Version 8.0.4, built on 10 Jule, 2019. 104 MB
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Handy Backup Standard

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Using External Compressing Utilities

With Handy Backup, user can select an external compressing software execution before or after the backup task. This action is realized through the pre- and post-action engine built in Handy Backup.

Calling 7-Zip compression after the task

To run an external compression task, enter the command line describing this task on the Step 7 of the task creation wizard. Just check an appropriate box and enter the command line.

Download Handy Backup

Version 8.0.4, built on 10 Jule, 2019
104 MB


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