Backup Documents: Reliable Approach to Save My Documents Folder

Folders "Documents" and "My Documents" (if we talk about the previous versions up to Windows XP) are locations in Microsoft Windows to save different types of data including personal data.

That is why keeping of these folders is a necessary step in the process of working with information.

Handy Backup backs up and reconstructs My Documents or Documents automatically.

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Back up Documents

Backup Storage

Most of the times My Documents or Documents copies create in a local drive. There are various places to save files. Examples for preservation follow:

  • External devices such as USB drive, a flash memory stick or a memory card;
  • A mapped drive, a network drive or a NAS device;
  • A remote network machine (for network-oriented editions of Handy Backup);
  • An FTP, SFTP or FTPS storage;
  • An online cloud including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Amazon S3, 4shared etc.
Choose Destination for My Documents Backup

Auto Backup of Documents

You may continuously save backups of your Documents or My Documents folders for many reasons, including simple safekeeping data at another location than a hard drive, providing shared access to these data from a cloud, creating an auto-updating FTP storage with crucial documents, and so on.

Note: Handy Backup preserves native document formats in backup copies, unless you specify encrypting and/or compressing for these data. Therefore, you can open, browse, modify or even restore any document from a backup copy without a need for complete recovery of Documents folder!

Extra Advantages of Handy Backup for Saving Documents Library

Handy Backup provides possibilities for saving Documents folder to any other place than its typical position.

Applying Partial Backup Methods

Handy Backup provides you techniques of full, incremental, differential and mixed (which means a cycle of a full and some differential) backups. Each of these techniques saves some space on a backup storage and/or some job time to restore your Documents folder repeatedly.

Backup Types

Encrypt and Compress My Documents Backup

Versioning, Compressing, Encryption

One dataset copies save at the same place with marks them by versions and/or time stamps in backup folder titles. In addition, documents encrypt by a 128-bit BlowFish encrypting way and compress the dataset into a ZIP archive.

Controlling the Task Execution

Schedule your task to repeat by a period from minutes to months. Set up a start on logon/logoff or run a task automatically when you will plug a USB device related to a task into a PC. Call other programs or batch files before or after an assignment. Some options allow running your task smoothly.

Scheduling Documents Backup

Procedures for backup My Documents by Handy Backup

There is a manual to back up My Documents by Handy Backup below.

  1. Open Handy Backup. Create a new task with a button on a panel or by using a menu item.
  2. Select a backup task type. Proceed to Step 2 and select the "Windows Libraries" source.
  3. Double-click to it or click on the "Add" button to open the Libraries plug-in.
  4. Mark the "Documents" library on the left side of the window. Proceed to the Step 3.
Select Windows Libraries
  1. On a Step 3, select an appropriate container for storing your My Documents backup.
  2. Continue creating your task including such settings as encryption, scheduling etc.
  3. Finally, give your task a name, e.g. "Backup Documents". Finish the task wizard.

This is the short instruction, now you need to wait until a planned sequence happens. In addition, a task runs manually at any moment you want to back up Documents library.

To learn more, please refer to the complete listing of backup features of our software.

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