How to Back Up SQL Database Automatically

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Handy Backup is a user-friendly SQL database backup tool designed for Windows 2016/2012/2008/2003 Server. The program exploits a special hot backup technology, which allows you to back up your SQL database without stopping its operation.

The need of backups immediately leads to a wide range of questions: How often should I do backups? Do I need to do full or differential backup? Where should I store backups, and how much disk space to allocate for that?

We are going to walk you through the question how to backup SQL database with Handy Backup.

Back Up SQL Database

Here are several steps to back up your SQL database:

Step 1.

Download and install the program.

Version 7.15.0, built on 10 July, 2018
164 MB

Step 2.

Select “Backup” option.

SQL backup option

Step 3.

Select SQL database to back up. It’s possible to choose the required database directly or through the special database plug-in (it depends on edition and will be explained later in this article).

Select SQL database to backup

Step 4.

Choose backup type. There are 3 backup options available: full, incremental and differential. Full backup is an essential backup type. Incremental backups are based on saving changes since the last save. Differential backup keeps changes made from the last full backup.

Select SQL database backup type

Step 5.

Select backup compression and encryption options. Compression is useful for saving disk space and backup’s speed. The main idea of encryption is to save your SQL database backup from intruders and data leaks.

SQL database comp/encr options

Step 6.

Set up the scheduling scheme for automatic SQL backup. There are many options for scheduling SQL backup. Users tend to do full weekly backups. Differential/incremental backup plan depends on SQL database frequency of use.

SQL database backup schedule

How to Restore SQL Database

Now you know how to perform SQL database backup. The next option is SQL database restore. To restore SQL database follow the instructions:

Step 1.

Select the “Restore” options in the main menu.

SQL database restore option

Step 2.

Find your database, find and click the file with the.hbi extension. Your SQL database will be automatically restored.

SQL database restore

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Small Server

Version 7.15.0, built on 10 July, 2018. 164 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 249 USD per license.

Handy Backup Small Server

If you have a SQL database that you need to administer, and searching for a SQL backup tool, then you need the Small Server edition. Try our small business backup software for 30 days for free!

Licencing information

There are two options how you can make SQL database backup with the Handy Backup solution.

Special SQL backup plug-ins

There are special plug-ins for a full-feature SQL database backup. Every plug-in is created for a specific database, so it covers all the database features. Our recommendation is to do backups with that option.

Here are supported SQL databases:

SQL database plugins

This feature is available in Small Server and Server Network editions of the software.

ODBC backup plug-in

SQL Database Backup via ODBC

It is also possible to do a hot backup of the remote and local SQL databases tables via ODBC connection. This feature is available in the Standard and Professional versions.

Note: There are restrictions for backing up an SQL database with that method. Only “table-values” backup is available through ODBC. You cannot back up store procedures, views, functions, triggers, etc.

You also need the ODBC driver for your SQL database to do such a backup. Please read database backup restrictions for more information.

All the SQL databases are supported via ODBC connection.

Everybody wants to be sure that the SQL database is protected. When it comes to backups, it becomes especially important. It is always possible to consider the choice of lifestyle to be safe than sorry!

It’s very useful to know about how to backup SQL database and restore it when needed. The process is reliable and easy with Handy Backup!

Check out how to create and edit tables, views, etc. of SQL databases - Heidi Sql backup table.

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