SQLite Backup: Methods to Backup SQLite Database

SQLite backup can be simple but tricky, as a typical SQLite database is merely a file, no more. You can copy this file… and get too many errors to handle with. Alternatively, you can trust to a recommended backup solution, Handy Backup, and do all SQLite copy table actions without an effort!

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SQLite backup

Methods to Backup SQLite Database with Handy Backup

These are the two ways to perform SQLite backup database:

  • The first method is to save a SQLite database as a file, using the Computer tool;
  • The second method is to set up an ODBC driver for SQLite and then use the Database tool.

Both methods can provide effective SQLite backup and restore. We are recommending you using the first method usually, and turning to ODBC configuration when you wish to set up a multi-source backup task processing many different databases.

Advantages of Handy Backup for SQLite Backup

One Technique for All Applications

One Technique for All Applications

You can create SQLite backup database for C# applications, or make a copy of SQLite local app, or even backup SQLite database Android-style (when connecting your Android device as a USB external drive) with common methods.

Simple SQLite Backup Restore and Migration

Simple SQLite Backup Restore and Migration

You can either merely to restore a SQLite database to its original position, or to clone it to another place – for migration, mirroring or creating a test database, for example. Just select an advanced mode in a recovery task and then click "Change Location" on Step 3, to select a new destination for SQLite backup.

A Bunch of Storage Options

A Bunch of Storage Options

You can backup SQLite database to Google Drive, Amazon S3, to almost any other popular cloud, to a private cloud via WebDAV, or to an FTP service, or to a NAS, to a local drive, an external USB device or to any place you want! A plenty of plug-ins in Handy Backup allow perfect storage for your SQLite backup!

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Professional

Version 8.5.0, built on September 19, 2023 . 116 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 89 USD per license.

Handy Backup Professional

The Professional solution can make automatic SQLite backup and recovery along with any other user-type and specific data you use in your daily job.

How to Backup SQLite Database with Handy Backup

Here we are describing how to make a SQLite backup using the common Computer data source. To set up an automatic backup task for your SQLite data, please follow the next instruction:

  1. Before starting, check for an ODBC driver corresponding to your SQLite database.
  2. Start Handy Backup and run a new task wizard using the "New task…" menu item or a button on the management panel.
  3. Select a backup task on Step 1. You can also select an "Advanced mode" wizard option to access all task parameters.
Mark the "Use Advanced Wizard" option
  1. Proceed to Step 2, where you must select a "Database" data source in the "Database" group.
  2. Select your SQLite backup database for backing up.
Use "Database" plugin for SQLite backup

Note: You can use the "Computer" plug-in and "File filters…" option instead, to seek for files you need by file extensions (often such as ".sqlite" or ".db3") or by name. By this way, you can even separate one SQLite application from another, e.g., create only a SQLite3 backup.

  1. Now click OK and proceed creating a task according to wizard steps and guides.
  2. Finish your task wizard after all completing steps. Your task will be ready to run automatically!

That is all. Handy Backup requires no further steps for automating the SQLite backup job.

SQLite Backup Restore

To recover a SQLite file from backup, create a recovery task on Step 1. Then on Step 2 you must find and select a file backup.hbi with all recovery information. Handy Backup always creates this file in your SQLite backup storage folder.

After selecting this file, click "Next" and proceed to create a recovery task as described in the User Manual. However, if you plan to create a copy or a mirror of some SQLite backup database, work in advanced mode and click "Change Location" on Step 3, to select a new destination for databases.

choosing a location for restoring SQLite backups in advanced mode

Note: You must use the same plug-in ("Database" or "Computer") for recovery that was being used for SQLite backup. It is true for both recovering and migrating purposes.

Alternative Ways of SQLite Backup and Restore

Besides using Handy Backup, other ways to create a SQLite backup database are in exist. Here we are shortly describing some of these ways.

  • Using SQLite backup scripts. A classical way of backup, scripts or batch files can be used to force SQLite copy table or just for copying the file. Using scripts requires some skill and knowledge, however.
  • Internal tools. SQLite can provide an instrument for backing up tables, although forums are full of complaints about the quality of this tool and the unpredicted errors emerging from it.
  • Copying tables manually. You can use any file manager to copy a SQLite data from one place to another; it is merely a file. The comfort and reliability of such a solution is completely a matter of your personal taste!
Handy Backup for SQLite backup

Using Handy Backup for saving SQLite data copies, you can guarantee yourself from flaws, errors and inconveniences of any other way to backup SQLite databases.

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Version 8.5.0, built on September 19, 2023
116 MB

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