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I’ve been a Handy Backup user for a few years. I recommend it to friends. I'm purchasing new licenses for two new systems I have purchased.

Client feedback from Pete Seelos, 2008

Slick and easy-to-use, well done, much simpler and more logical than any I’ve used before. I do occasional consultancy work and install the trial on clients’ computers!

Hugo Copeland, Client, 2008

Earlier we have been using a different corporate backup solution. The reason Handy Backup is better is because I can rely on it to run my backup jobs every night. I had initially installed Handy Backup to serve as a backup to our previous corporate solution, but as the old solution started to fail more often, I found that a combination of Windows Backup and Handy Backup Network Server was much more reliable.

Jason Helms

You all have a great program. It has worked flawlessly for me and I’ve backed up many gigabytes of data across my network. It’s very easy to use...

Richard Howard, Handy Backup Client

Very reliable, no-hassle software that is easy to configure, especially for backups to a mapped network drive.

Client feedback from Ron Finnerty

I have used Handy Backup with great success for backing up Windows laptops to remote storage account for my business. It is is very flexible and reliable. I am now going to use it to backup some files at home to my home server.

Customer review by Bert Curiel

I have used Handy Backup for many years for both my own business and for customers. I would recommend it highly as a cost effective, reliable and easy to use backup solution.

George Hendry, Customer

I have used it for 6 years and love it. It is the easiest backup software that i have used and it has saved me many a times.

Dave Gill, Director, Cosmaceutical Research labs Inc.

Fully support blu-ray as this is an excellent backup solution for small businesses.

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