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I like Handy Backup because it has a simple interface and it is easy to recover individual files from the backup set.

Client feedback from Australia Edith Cowan University

Ohio University LogoOver the years, I have utilized Handy-Backup to transfer data from a remote air quality monitoring station to on-site external back-up drives, to our central database via FTP, and to local, state, and federal FTP servers on an hourly basis. This data provides real-time air quality information to the residents of our community, state, and nation to better protect their health and inform decision-makers about current conditions.

I have promoted Handy Backup to many of my colleagues and across our industry. The USEPA has taken notice of your product because of my highlighting its utility to our programs. I have always been impressed with its unfailing devotion to getting data to the right place on time for years on end.

Client feedback from Ohio University, 2012

I have a great deal of important information on my computer - written papers, historical information, scripts, texts, essays, photos, etc - from the academic world. I fear losing it very much, much more than the computer itself. I have been concerned to find the right software for some time. The program I was looking for had to be simple, easy to use, and above all give me confidence that my data really was backed up. I tried a good number of programs, but Handy Backup was the first to give me a real sense of confidence and a quiet mind.

Client feedback from Larry

Wilkes Community CollegeHandy Backup is an incredibly powerful and affordable way for me to make sure all my critical information is backed up. It allows me the flexibility to backup and restore my data where and when I want it without relying on our IT department.

Wilkes Community College, Customer, 2012

Easy to use backup software. My Diploma was recovered twice by Handy Backup!

Customer reference, August 24, 2010

I have owned and loved Handy Backup since June 2004. I am now just updating to the latest version. I highly recommend it to all my Clients and Students who want to safeguard their data.

Customer reference by Gord Routley, 2008

Your program is really useful if it is possible for you to donate a copy of your Handy Backup to a student [me:)] I will be very grateful.. Thanks for your time.

Customer reference by Kenan Etikan

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