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April 3, 2009

We are glad to announce the release of Handy Backup 6.2.4 with the new Oracle Backup plug-in. The new plug-in allows backing up Oracle databases with all tables, archive logs, control files, settings, passwords and other data. Learn more about Oracle Backup Software...

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Also, we have released the new version of Handy Backup Web Access. Now it is more stable, easy to use, and proven to work correctly on all operating systems supported by Handy Backup. Note: Handy Backup Web Access 0.2 is not compatible with Handy Backup 6.2.3 and earlier versions. It was tested and proven to work correctly only with Handy Backup 6.2.4. In order to use it, please update Handy Backup to the latest version.

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2009/03/23 - Version 6.2.3: Support for T-Mobile G1 Google Phone

2009/01/12 - Version 6.2.2: IBM DB2 Plug-In Added

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