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File backup software Handy Backup is an easy-to-use solution that allows you saving and restoring your files wherever you want, preserving native file formats unless other specified! Backup file of any type to protect it, to change it securely, or just to clone it or to move your precious file into another place!

Experience Handy Backup - the user-friendly solution for safeguarding files of all types! Download the free trial version now to explore its full potential, including advanced document backup software features.

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Best Automatic File Backup Software

Benefits of Automated File Backup Software

Simple Interface, Convenient Control of Automatic File Backup Software

Intuitive Interface, Easy Control

Backup files effortlessly by setting up automated tasks, encompassing all necessary options for automatic operations. These options include scheduling tasks based on time or events, compressing or encrypting your files, and performing partial backups for updated data only. Manage all tasks through the user-friendly GUI interface.

Enhancing File Backup Solution Security

Enhancing Security in File Backup Solutions

This file backup software empowers you to enhance data protection reliability by incorporating secure transfers, like SFTP and FTPS protocols, or leveraging S3 clouds as described below. You can also opt for advanced internal encryption to fortify your data. Additionally, the software offers the flexibility to compress backup files using ZIP compression.

Cross platform File Backup Solution

Cross-platform Solution

Handy Backup functions effectively as easy file backup software for Windows 11. It's also compatible with earlier versions of the Windows operating system, providing flexibility and ensuring that users on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 can also benefit from its file backup capabilities. Additionally, it offers full support for Windows Server 2022 and its earlier editions.

How to Use Handy Backup as File Backup Software for Windows?

This brief guide will instruct you on how to backup files on your computer using an automated task with our efficient document backup software.

  1. To initiate a new task in Handy Backup, click the button located on the main panel, or press Ctrl+N.
  2. Choose a backup task in Step 1, then proceed to Step 2 by clicking "Next".
  3. Expand the "Local or Network Drives" group on the left panel at this stage.
Specify Backup Set: Computer
  1. Click on the "Computer" plug-in. This action will open the data selection dialog.
  2. Utilize the file system tree to locate and select any data for file backup.
  3. Click OK to exit the data selection dialog and return to Step 2. From there, proceed to Step 3. Click OK to exit the data selection dialog and return to Step 2. From there, proceed to Step 3 where you will choose your backup destination. For more information on how to backup computer files online, visit the corresponding page.
  4. Continue configuring your task following the instructions provided in the User Manual.

Note: It is essential to be aware of the location of the files designated for file backup. In cases where you are uncertain about the file locations, you can utilize the option detailed below – file filters based on masks and/or attributes.

Using File Filters

To learn how to backup files based on their names using masks, please follow the instructions provided here.

  1. To access the "File filters" function, enable advanced mode on Step 1.
  2. On Step 2, click the "File filters..." button. A new dialog will appear.
Using File Filters for backup
  1. Select files by masks of file names to include or exclude these names from file backup.
  2. Once done, click OK and return to Step 2. Select the "Computer" plug-in.
  3. Choose an entire drive containing your files (or specific folders to speed up searching).
  4. Click OK. The file backup utility will automatically locate files matching your criteria.

Restoring Files from Backup

Every file backup solution should include the ability for automatic restoration from backups. To utilize this feature in Handy Backup, please follow the steps below to create a restoration task.

  1. Launch the New Task Wizard and create a new restoration task following the instructions provided above.
  2. In Step 2, navigate to locate the index file backup.hbi in your archive folder. Then, click "Next".
Select Index File for Restoration
  1. By default, Handy Backup will restore the files to their original location.

Important Note! We strongly recommend thoroughly inspecting any location before restoring a file backup into it. Otherwise, you may accidentally overwrite newer data with the backup content you are restoring into the destination folder!

  1. If you wish to restore your files to a different folder than their original location, please follow these steps:
    • In the "Select Restore Locations" dialog, choose a file to relocate, then click the "Change Location" button. This action will open the "Change restore location" dialog.
Change Restore Location
    • Choose a new location (including the option for a completely different destination type, such as an FTP server).
  1. Continue creating a recovery task following the instructions outlined in the User Manual. None of these steps have any specific requirements for file restoration.

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