Console Client

Technically, Handy Backup"s user interface is an independent component that doesn"t require you to launch it on the same computer where the program is installed. For example, when you install the Server edition, for the first time it starts with a Server connection & authorization settings dialog that lets you select where you want to connect (to learn more, see Connecting to Server).

Console Client is an alternate client application that allows managing the program"s tasks using a command line interface. It is very useful if you want to run it from third-party applications, or write your own backup scripts.

Console client is available in the installation folder as hbcc.exe. Its syntax is as follows:

Usage: hbcc <key>[<tasks>]
<key> Command
--Help(-h) Displays this syntax
--Execute(-e) <tasks> Execute specified tasks by name
--ExecuteId(-ei) <tasks> Execute specified tasks by id
--ExecuteAll(-ea) Execute all tasks
--Stop(-s) <tasks> Stop specified tasks by name
--StopId(-si) <tasks> Stop specified tasks by id
--StopAll(-sa) Stop all tasks
--Delete(-d) <tasks> Delete specified tasks by name
--DeleteId(-di) <tasks> Delete specified tasks by id
--DeleteAll(-da) Delete all tasks
--List(-l) List all available tasks
--Close(-c) Close server
<tasks> is space separated list of task names, or IDs

The use of the Console Client can make backing up faster and easier. For example, you can launch backups from third-party applications, based on their own events, rather than on time-based schedule.

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