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January 25, 2007

The latest 5.5 version of our popular backup application comes with multiple new features at once and delivers a range of completely new functions targeted both at home users and corporate users that are interested in the most reliable, robust and secure backup solution.

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  • The most important innovation was long-expected by thousands of users: Handy Backup now allows creating image-based backups which are created on sector level, without addressing the file system. The newly created Image Backup plug-in allows you to completely back up hard drive with all partitions, partition table, boot sectors and other system information. Since Windows is known to block access to system files (on file level), sector-based backup becomes the only way to back up operating system - and now Handy Backup can do it.
  • Another powerful feature implemented in version 5.5 has also been highly requested by our users, especially by those who work with information kept in different databases. Handy Backup 5.5 comes with a new Database Backup plug-in which enables you to perform hot database backup and recovery. This plug-in allows backing up databases that support the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) protocol, such as MySQL, MS Access, DB2 and other.
  • The third great function is also related to database backup: the new Lotus Backup plug-in lets you back up Lotus Notes/Domino databases of version 6.5. We believe that enterprises that use IBM technologies will find it very useful and beneficial to their businesses!
  • And as if it was not enough, there is one more option introduced in the new version: backup to email. It extracts messages from the Inbox (the same way any e-mail client does) and stores it to a device or server of your choice, so you can use them as a backup, or import to any messaging software installed on your computer (such as MS Outlook or The Bat!). At the moment, the program works with POP3 servers only.

All these features are delivered as backup upgrades and don’t require old customers to purchase additional copies of our backup program: you can simply update your existing serial key.

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