Update to Version 7.6.3: Automatic Backup to USB External Drives on Plugging and New Features for Time Stamps

March 23, 2015

Dear friends! The Handy Backup crew releases a new version 7.6.3 of our popular backup utility, providing the completely new feature, changing the program to the fully automatic external hard drive backup software. New functionality, such as flexible time stamp format, is added to the new version, as well as optimized localization on German.

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Automatic Backup to USB Disk on Plugging

USB Drive

From this version, user can set up the particular backup task to start with the plugging of some USB data storage, like an external hard drive or a pen drive. This feature speeds up copying data to USB drives and adds extra reliability to the backup process, guaranteeing the correct data placement.

With this feature at hand, there are no efforts for backing up to USB. Just plan to use USB data storage for backups, then schedule the task to run when the USB drive will be placed to a slot – and no more! Every time you plug some data device to USB, the task triggers automatically.

This new technology can also remember the particular USB device you are using for backups. Even if you will remove this pen drive or external disk and plug it to a different USB port, Handy Backup will recognize your drive and allow you to start again all backups linked to this external disk.

Extended Versioned Backup and Time Stamping

In the version 7.6.3, user can select among some different formats for time stamps, the backup date and time information the program adds to the names of versioned backup folders. This feature is allowing flexibly tuning the versioned backup for different batch processing techniques.

Optimization of Some Features Existed

As usual, Handy Backup increases the speed and reliability of algorithms for different automated backup features. In this version, the functionality of such components as Oracle backup feature and encrypting algorithm was optimized according to the new requirements for reliability.

Localization to Last Bit

Not only the basics of user interface but also every single label, inscription or feature in the program deserves a perfect localization. This process can be time-consuming, but Novosoft was started it proudly, releasing a 7.6.3 version with a perfect German localization.

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