Backup Reports Feature

Backup Reports

The featured Backup Reports window is an option that allows users checking status and results of every task completed or attempted by Handy Backup. Any modern version of Handy Backup supports Backup Reports. Try this function to see efficiency and reliability of all components of your backup strategy!

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Basic Functionality of Backup Reporting Software

Through the Backup Reports feature, a user can take a brief information about the list of tasks executed by Handy Backup.

Window containing a list of tasks

By double-clicking on a particular task, the more detailed report about this task will appear in a new window, providing all crucial information about the particular task and its results.

Detailed Report about this task

Sending Detailed Task Reports via Email

You can set up the program to send you detailed reports about all tasks that software attempted for a given period. You will receive these reports on an email address confirmed in program settings. To select a period you need, just pick it from the drop-down list on the bottom of the reports window.

When you select any value than "Never", you will receive reports like this showed below:

Sending Detailed Task Reports via Email

To select and set up an email address for reporting, please click the "Configure email notification" link next to the drop-down list of possible reporting periods. Handy Backup will redirect you to the configuration section, where you can set up all data for your administrative email.

Video Tutorial about Setting up Backup Reports

The video contains instructions for connecting directly to a Google account and a case where the account is protected by 2-Step verification. The last part of the video is about setting up backup, restore and synchronisation reports.

Note: Download and install Handy Backup before watching the video!

How to Call for Backup Reports?

You can view Backup Reports just by clicking an appropriate button on the Management Panel:

Backup Reports

Advantages of Using Backup Reports

Always Be Informed with Backup Reports

Always Be Informed!

With data backup reporting, you can quickly browse through your many backup tasks executed by different times, to find which data your back up, synchronize or restore in any particular moment and by any particular task, which results this task brings and if this task being executed successfully.

Always Be Connected with Backup Reports

Always Be Connected!

As backup reporting software, Handy Backup can either show its backup reports in a special window, or periodically send all reports to email address provided in program settings (along with email notifications about task results). You cannot skip or miss any crucial report with Handy Backup!

Always Be Protected with Backup Reports

Always Be Protected!

Backup reporting has not only a function of informing user but also can protect from data loss, as you always can have a detailed backup report about copied data. Along with the function of re-running a missed task automatically, backup reports sometimes can save your data-keeping strategy from ruining!

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Version 8.5.0 , built on September 19, 2023. 116 MB
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