Update to Version 7.6.5: Improved Features of Differential, Incremental and Versioned Backup

May 27, 2015

Dear friends! We are glad to bring you spring update of our Handy Backup utility to version 7.6.5.

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Version 8.5.0 , built on September 19, 2023. 116 MB

Improved Features of Differential and Incremental Backup

Creating a full backup daily requires huge amount of space. Not to run out of space performing differentialand incremental backups is the best idea.

From this version, improved incrementaland differential backup performance greatly reduces time and storage space, helping you to choose the most optimal backup strategy.

The Ability to Adjust the Size of the Log

In the version 7.6.5 it is now possible to adjust the size of the log to suit your needs and not to allow hard disk get full. You can manage size how you want to free up disk space. Making changes and personalizing backups is easy with Handy Backup.

Improvements in Versioned Backup

Versioned backup means that copies of data in folders are all marked with the backup version number. For example:


In this version, the functionality of versioned backup have been modified and improved to provide quick access to backups. You can easily ‘go back in time’ and find exactly what you need.

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