A New Version 7.7.2: New System Recovery Tool, “Hot” Backup of Hyper-V and Native Data Format Improvements

October 08, 2015

Recovery System tool to save system image

Dear friends! We are releasing a new version of Handy Backup, marked as version 7.7.2. Starting from this version, you can use the new System Recovery tool to save system images in a VHD (VirtualBox) format and perform a “hot” backup of Hyper-V machines.

We are also renewing the usability of some features already existed. As an example, Handy Backup now preserves file attributes such as date and time of last changing for all data backed up without rewriting formats. Other tools, such as a “Network” instrument, have some improvements, too.

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The System Recovery Tool

This tool can back up an entire system image. Unlike the traditional “Disk Image” tool, this instrument makes system backups in a readable format, which allows grabbing specified files or folders from an image to work or copy, without a need for restoring an image completely.

Another implementation of this tool is using the system image as a VHD file for a VirtualBox emulator, allowing running the copy of a system as a virtual machine without any other efforts such as restoring or re-installing an image of the system backed up.

Learn more about system recovery.

“Hot” Hyper-V Backup

This new function allows taking snapshots of a Hyper-V virtual machine without stopping it. This can be especially useful for servers with arrays of Hyper-V machines, allowing backing up any quantity of these machines without interfering into a work of a physical node.

Learn more about Hyper-V backup.

Keeping Native File Attributes for Backups

Now the program does not change date and time attributes for all copied files and folders. This allows sorting data in the backups using the traditional file management tools (such as Windows Explorer) in the more effective way, selecting and working with data just from backups.

Learn more about Native backup.

Improving Overall Efficiency and Reliability

We are improving the speed and stability of some tools and components in each new version, and the version 7.7.2 is not an exclusion. This version significantly improves the reliability and efficiency of a Network tool, according to wishes of many users providing us a feedback.

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