Version 7.7.3 Released: New Reports Feature, Interchangeable USB Drives and Mapped Disks Visible for Service

November 09, 2015

Backup Reports

Dear friends! Let us present you a newest version 7.7.3 of Handy Backup, containing some principal improvements. The main improvement is a completely new Backup Reports feature. The new version has some extra improvements for using external and mapped drives, too.

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Backup Reports Window

By clicking just one button on a management panel, a user of Handy Backup now can view a complete list of backup tasks attempted by that particular copy of Handy Backup, with a short description, time of execution and successful/unsuccessful results indication.

Double-clicking on a particular task in this list, a user can see the window containing a detailed report about a goal of the selected task, its data sources, backup storage, scheduling and, again, results of execution (with reporting about problems occurred, too).

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Mapped Disks are Visible during Running as a Service

For some system restrictions, most Windows services cannot detect or use mapped drives by usual way. The new version of Handy Backup removes this restriction, keeping visibility of mapped disks when being executed as a service. Please, read the FAQ about Backup Mapped Drives

Changing an External USB Drive for a Backup Task

This version of Handy Backup introduces a new option for using and recognizing external drives during the task creation. Now a user can change one USB drive (linked to a particular backup task) to another drive, and a task will automatically recognize this new drive as a replace.

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