Version 7.7.4: Updated Logs, Storage Rotation Under One Letter, Optimized Performance

January 26, 2016

New Version

Dear customers!

The Handy Backup team wish you a Happy New Year and announces a new version of Handy Backup, marked as 7.7.4. The new version allows using several data storages for backups under just one letter; computing total data size more accurately, and more.

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An Overview

Updates for this version are all about efficiency, speed and comfort. For instance, some featured functions have reached a new peak of capabilities, such as:

  • Enhanced precision of pre-computed total data size for logs;
  • Extended visibility of mapped drives in a service mode, even in a server backup version;
  • Updated logics for some routines, allowing more smooth backup;
  • Renewed System Recovery feature, designed for storing drive images in a VHD format.

Rotating Data Storage Devices under One Letter

The version 7.7.4 also has a special new feature, allowing supporting a popular strategy of backup, when several hard drives or other storage units connect to a backup task as the same drive letter under Windows. This is a convenient and comfortable way to organize multi-unit backups.

All these options expand the usage and convenience of Handy Backup. Have a happy New Year with your data protected with a new version 7.7.4!

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