Linux Backup and Restore Software: Best Practices for Backing up Linux

Linux Backup Software

Handy Backup is an effective backup software for Linux and Windows incorporating a full range of services regarding data backup. It is a Swiss army knife in the area of data protection: a complete Linux backup solution, which is far more reliable than any Linux backup script available on the Net.

Linux Backup Tool Compatibility

Handy Backup can run natively under any Linux kernel of main versions 2 and 3. For compatibility, you can download both the Network Agents and the standalone Linux backup solution in a form of a RPM or a DEB package, which allows quickly installing it on any clone of Debian Linux, RHEL or OpenSUSE.

Extended Compatibility Features

Besides installing to all most popular Linux distros, Handy Backup provides a lot more compatibility options as Linux backup and restore software, including backup Linux to S3 cloud from Amazon, or to any other cloud like Google Drive, using FTPS with SSL, saving Windows network data and so on.

How to Backup Linux

The two Linux backup best practices include:


Linux Backup Scripts

The first one urges you to write backup scripts on your own. Though affording high degree of customization, this approach demands constant maintaining of the scripts, as well as substantial knowledge to make and debug these scripts. Sometimes this approach becomes tedious.

Caveat: Scripts can also reduce the effectiveness in the performance, or even the security, for a whole company. If you quit the job, the one who comes after you will have a really hard time, presuming leaving the vital information unprotected while rewriting your scripts.


Using Dedicated Software Solutions

The second approach utilizes third-party solutions. While being proprietary and often non-free, these products present much better methods of data backup. The improvement in the performance time and in security can be quite noticeable.

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Server Network

Version 7.8.7, built on 2 December, 2016. 65.0 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 569 USD per license.

Handy Backup Server Network

Check out the smart remote Linux workstation snapshot making over a network and get prepared for the Linux backup online! Free, full-featured 30-days trial!

Linux Backup Software Features

To assure Linux backup best practices realizing in most automatic and convenient mode we can dream about, Handy Backup contains many crucial features, providing the most effective job ever possible:

  • Automatic backup. Handy Backup has a flexible backup scheduler, which automatically repeats tasks execution with a given rate. Back up your Linux files while you work, sleep or have fun!

Automatic Linux Backup

  • Linux disk image backup. Hard disk imaging is a technology for making complete backup of HDD including operating system and all data. Protect every single bit of your data!
  • Linux files backup. Smart file mask-based filtering engine provides an easy way to back up only files that you need. Handy Backup keeps your backups accurate and saves space on your HDD!

Setting file masks for Linux backup

  • Flexible backup settings. Make your Linux backup with versioning, do it in full, incremental, differential or mixed mode; encrypt and compress your backups – all from a single program!
  • Variety of supported storages. If you want to upload your backup to FTP server or copy your Linux backup to USB flash drive, Handy Backup will let Linux backup online with a single click!
  • Using clouds for Linux backup. You can save your Linux data copies to Google Drive, Amazon S3, OneDrive, Dropbox, to some other services, or to any cloud via WebDAV – feel free in clouds!
  • Integrating in scripts. You can use Handy Backup as a native Linux command for such Linuxian things as bash scripts or cron jobs. Handy Backup provides a complete script integration.
  • A comprehensible GUI. As an alternative to scripts and terminals, Handy Backup completes its Linux backup solution with a full-scale graphical interface for controlling all the program.

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Experience the hardcore Linux backup experience with Handy Backup!

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