Language Support and Special Offer for Program Translation

Handy Backup is the multi-language solution for data backup and recovery.

Thousands of customers from different countries use Handy Backup. Some of these users help us translating the program interface, User Manual or this website to other languages, making Handy Backup even more comfortable for people throughout the world.

We are glad to express our deepest gratitude to all Handy Backup translators!

Translation into other languages of Handy Backup

How to Be the Handy Backup Translator and Get a Copy of Handy Backup

Many users utilize Handy Backup in their daily business. You can help them use our program on their native languages by translating the User Manual, the program GUI or articles from this website, and get a free Handy Backup Small Business.

One Free Handy Backup Small Business = Full GUI Translation

If you are interested in other Handy Backup solutions, please tell us about it 😊

Attention! We are interested in translation into any languages except English and Russian.

How to Translate the Handy Backup Interface

If you want to localize the Handy Backup user interface (GUI) for any language except English or Russian, then please contact us by making the next sequence of actions:

  1. Tell us about your intentions by email Please write us what a language you will plan to use in translation.
  2. We will send you a short test for translation, to evaluate your proficiency in selected language.
  3. After a successful test, we will send you an XML file with GUI components and some additional instructions to make translation. Please read the detailed instruction for making GUI translations to different languages in Handy Backup!
  4. When you will complete translating a text, please send it to, wait until we will check a translation (up to 1-3 workdays, depending on a particular language), and we will send you a license key for your copy of Handy Backup!

Attention: Before making a translation, please send us a letter at and check all conditions about current translation activity!

Translating the Handy Backup Website ad User Manual

Translate the User Manual or Handy Backup website articles to other languages, and get one or more free copies of Handy Backup!

Note: Before starting, please tell us about your intentions by sending a letter to an email: We will tell you about all current conditions and actions for translators.

Thank you for your interest!

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