New Version 7.4.5 Improves Server and Network Capabilities

November 21, 2013

The recent release of 7.4.5 aimed primarily to enhance capabilities of network backup to the uppermost reaches.

This new version can work without any extra effort linking to networked machines accessible by almost any means: for example, by IP address only, by a long network name of intricate structure or by just the short network name without any other element. It can be possible due to the longest list of network connection scenarios in the history of Handy Backup.

Handy Backup 7.4.5 has the brand-new native Linux agents operating on network machines.

The new version has also an improved fail-safe heuristics due to new handler algorithms, which can deal with runtime troubles in server network architecture, such as with a situation when the free space for data backed up is running short during the backup process.

Handy Backup Server Network

Version 8.2.3, built on March 29, 2021. 111 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 299 USD per license.

Handy Backup Server Network

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Improved FTP and Network Backup Options

Network backup options in a new version are improved with a possibility to use long (more than 256 characters) network names. After that, any up to the most long and complex machine names can be used as valid remote machine identifiers. So the FTP options are expanded, too, with a significant widening of different FTP servers available for data safekeeping.

Clarifying the Localization Issues

The classic-looking user interface is somewhat refined due to minor localization improvements. Thus, some rare symbols of Unicode that can appear in file or device names are displayed now a bit more precisely, eliminating annoying kerning and spacing issues as well as infrequent attempts to replace an Unicode character with a standard code page symbolic representation.

You can download the new version of this software just for now!

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