Release of Fast and Reliable Backup Solution for Linux

October 7, 2013

Dear friends, we are happy to announce the release of Linux edition of our software!

Linux Version Release Logo

The solution is designed to facilitate backing up of Linux-Windows networks. You just need to install Linux Agents on all Linux-based workstations in your network and enjoy all the options of Handy Backup Server Network edition.

The program allows backing up Linux server as easy as Windows-based PC. All processes are controlled remotely from a single Management Panel that makes the software a perfect tool for system administrators of mixed OS networks.

Linux version includes all functions available in Windows editions of the software.

The main features of Linux edition are:

  • The software provides full, differential and incremental backup of entire or any selected data of a Linux workstation;
  • The solution contains the smart scheduler that allows setting up the program only once to run backup and restore tasks automatically on a minute to monthly basis;
  • The edition includes native support of i386 (32-bit) versions of Linux architecture;
  • The modified rsync algorithm ensures high speed of data transferring;
  • All backups could be encrypted to prevent unauthorized access to data;
  • The product allows saving backups to local and network drives, FTP/SFTP/FTPS servers, cloud storages, including Amazon S3 and other popular online services.

Linux edition also can be used as a NAS backup software. You can significantly enlarge NAS backup functionality by installing Linux Agent on your NAS device.

Right now you can download versions designed for the Debian-like (DPKG-based) and Yum/RPM-based distributives of Linux. To get Linux editions suitable for more exotic package-managing software like YAST, please send us an e-mail request to

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