Announcing Version 6.9.5 with MySQL Backup and Improved Interface

June 23, 2011

Dear friends! It is a great pleasure to announce the release of Handy Backup 6.9.5! Here are some of the highlights of the new version:

  • MySQL Plug-in. We are happy to respond to multiple user requests and add a new plug-in for backing up MySQL databases:
Illustration of selecting MySQL Backup in Handy Backup

To back up MySQL, you need to click MySQL in the list and create a connection. Please read detailed description of MySQL Backup...

  • Folder Lock. We have added a new option to “lock” folders selected for backup, which prevents new child objects from being backed up. Please see the explanation below.
Illustration of locking backup set in Handy Backup

When you select a folder partially, it is ambiguous what you want:

  • Back up only objects you selected
  • Back up the entire folder, but skip the objects you excluded

On the screenshot above, it is clear that the user wants to back up Partition P3, and not back up any other elements that may appear in the Partitions folder.

Here is an opposite example:

Illustration of unlocked backup set in Handy Backup

In this case, the user wants to back up the entire disk C:\ and skip folders C:\Windows\, C:\Users\ and C:\Program Files\. But the selection is similar to the above, and the program doesn’t know if it should back up only checked objects, or back up the entire folder without the excluded ones.

The Solution

Basically, this can be solved with file masks (which have been in Handy Backup for years). But the use of file mask filtering is not very obvious and requires a lot of attention for complex backup task (especially in Server Data Backup). This is why we decided to go further and introduce a new option of “locking” folder contents:

Illustration of locking backup in Handy Backup

When you “lock” the folder, new objects that appear in it will not be backed up, i.e. the backup will be limited only to elements you selected during task creation.

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  • There are several fixes and minor improvements to user interface and general performance of the utility.

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