Exchange 2010 Backup Software

Exchange 2010 Backup Software

Exchange 2010 backup is the only solution to prevent loss of Exchange Server 2010 important data (mail, contacts, history, calendar, tasks, etc.). Handy Backup is a reliable Exchange 2010 backup software, allowing saving data in a hot mode, without stopping an Exchange server.

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Version 7.11.0, built on 18 April, 2018
84,8 MB

How to Backup Exchange 2010 with Microsoft Windows Server

Windows Server 2008, a platform for MS Exchange Server 2010, includes specific software called Windows Server Backup. Previous Exchange versions are not compatible with Windows Server Backup, but the situation is different with Exchange 2010.

The latter includes a plug-in for Windows Server Backup that enables you to backup Exchange using the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) for a “hot” backup of any system volume.

Exchange Hot Backup

Disadvantages of Backing up Exchange 2010 with Windows Backup

Built-in Windows server backup tool has some disadvantages, which can be crucial for effective Exchange server 2010 backup.

  • A whole disk device required for backup. You cannot store your Exchange data to some folder, cloud or other storage space you wish. Instead, you must provide an entire disk volume (not even a logical partition!) for Windows internal backup.
  • Bulky backup. Windows utility backs up entire volumes, not just folders, databases or another specific data. You cannot backup or restore mailbox Exchange 2010 related to a specified user, for example, nor you can back up Exchange data only; it is always a whole disk!
  • Lack of backup controlling functions. With Windows backup tool, you cannot use such things as Exchange 2010 incremental backup, data encryption, storing an information to some NAS or many other options available in Handy Backup.

As a result, an internal Windows Server backup software can be viewed as a simple and resource-consuming tool, lacking many backup options and efficiency boosters that are readily provided by Handy Backup as Exchange 2010 backup best practices.

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Small Server

Version 7.11.0, built on 18 April, 2018. 84,8 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 249 USD per license.

Handy Backup Small Server

Small Server edition is a perfect backup software for Exchange 2010!
Free 30-days trial version!

How to Backup Exchange 2010 with Handy Backup Software

To backup Exchange 2010 database, Handy Backup provides a dedicated instrument working equally perfect with any version of Exchange ever existed. To try our Exchange 2010 backup software, create a new backup task and select an “Exchange” tool.

Adding the MS Exchange Plug-in to Backup Set

Backing up Exchange 2010 with Handy Backup, you get some principal advantages over Windows Server backup Exchange 2010 or built-in Exchange command-line tool:

  • A choice of data for saving, up to single files, mailboxes or databases;
  • A full set of backup options, including encryption, incremental backup and versioning;
  • A perfect GUI, completed with possibility of “stealthy” running as a service;
  • A wide selection of storage media, including local disks, USB, NAS, FTP and clouds;
  • A precise scheduling by time, by system logon/logoff or by plugging USB device into a PC.
Automatic Exchange 2010 Backup

These options, along with many other Handy Backup features, allow Windows backup Exchange 2010 without a need for a server internal tool. In addition, the efficiency and comfort of usage for Handy Backup are much outperforming the command-line Exchange 2010 set of instruments.

Download Handy Backup

Version 7.11.0, built on 18 April, 2018
84,8 MB

True that Handy Backup is not for everybody, but for those who need fast, reliable, easy-administrated
Exchange 2010 backup solutions. Give it a try!

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