Disaster Recovery Solution from Handy Backup

Disaster recovery software allows restoring the system or data after crash, migration or simple cloning. To allow that, Handy Backup provides a USB-based tool, simply called Disaster Recovery. Among other disaster recovery services, this tool has a big flexibility and many options to make it more convenient.

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Disaster Recovery Solution

Planning a Strategy for Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery services allow making some strategy for regular data backup. Therefore, you will always have actual information to restore after crash or to migrate when a need for it will emerge. The Disaster Recovery tool works well with Handy Backup, which can make automatic copies for recovery:

  • Disk Image, the plug-in for creating a binary copy of a drive or a partition.
  • System Recovery, a plug-in that creates a copy of an entire drive in usable VHD format.
Installer of the Disaster Recovery Solution

Advantages of Handy Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

Full Automation for Backups!

Full Automation for Backups!

As a disaster recovery solution, Handy Backup can take backup data by scheduled tasks with any defined period. It also allows recycling versions, e.g., deleting an old backup for a newer one once per month.

Safety First!

Encrypt your disaster recovery data

You can encrypt your disaster recovery data with a built-in algorithm to prevent unauthorized access. In addition, this is a set of protected storage services (such as disaster recovery on cloud) to use.

Keep Backups with Convenience!

Wide choice of backup storage

You can utilize any cloud from OwnCloud private storage to such giants as AWS for disaster recovery images. In addition, you can use local or external drives, direct and protected FTP, or shared drives.

Disaster Recovery as a Service — No Distractions!

Disaster Recovery as a Service - No Distractions!

This is no need to distract a user from daily actions during taking backup with Handy Backup as a disaster recovery tool. You can run it with pre-configured backup tasks as a silent Windows service.

Capabilities of the Disaster Recovery Tool

Restoring PC with a Recovery Drive

Restoring PC with a Recovery Drive

If your computer or server cannot start an operating system, you can use a USB recovery drive (created with Disaster Recovery software) to boot it up and run some first-aid applications: partition manager and a recovery tool by itself.

Complete HDD Data Recovery

Complete HDD Data Recovery

You can create a whole hard drive image (either directly from the Windows version, or via the USB recovery drive) or an image of a single partition, boot-type or data disk, and then restore the snapshot to the same, or a different device, resulting in a complete data restoration.

Graphical Interface for Task Management

Graphical Interface for Task Management

The Disaster Recovery software tool allows governing all operations with backup and recovery through a simple, Windows-style graphical user interface. In the next video, you can see how simple is to make backup and recovery tasks when you are using the Disaster Recovery software.

Testimonials About Disaster Recovery Software by Handy Backup

Review About Disaster Recovery Software  by Handy Backup

"Handy Backup is a very powerful disaster recovery solution. I have backed up my drives regularly, once per month, with an internal scheduler, and sometimes I have a need to recover one of these drives with Disaster Recovery. Both functions are perfect! It is also relatively quick for such task, and I dream about a full-time, dedicated disaster recovery cloud for restoring my laptop drive from wherever I can go."

Eric Donehall, a system administrator of Great Roe Magazine, Quebec

Disaster Recovery for Separate Data

Along with total image backup, you can save only crucial or vital information as separate backups, from user files to databases to websites and other dynamic structures. When you are using Handy Backup as disaster recovery management software, you can backup and restore these data separately.

Native Format of Backup Data

Handy Backup preserves uncompressed and unencrypted files in native formats when it copies these files to backup storage. Therefore, you can recover from disaster as few as a single file or folder, just by loading some system (e.g. from a live USB) and copy the file that you need by a standard file manager.

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Version 8.5.3 , built on March 5, 2024. 116 MB
30-day full-featured trial period

If you are searching for reliable and convenient disaster recovery solution, try Handy Backup!
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