Disaster Recovery of PC or Server

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Disaster recovery plan is something that you always need to have - no matter if you are a home user, or a business owner. There are so many disasters that can occur to a PC: from fires and earthquakes to viruses and user mistakes.

And if something happens, you will have to restore PC data - this is why you need a professional backup tool, such as Handy Backup.

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Version 7.9.10, built on 16 February, 2018
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Recovery Drive

Restore PC with a Recovery Drive

If your computer or server can’t start the operating system, you can use a USB recovery drive (created with our software) to boot it up and run first-aid applications: backup&recovery, file recovery, partition manager, or antivirus.

Hard Disk Recovery

Perform HDD Data Recovery

You can create a complete hard drive image (either directly from the Windows version, or via the USB recovery drive), and then restore the snapshot to the same, or a different device, resulting in a complete data restoration.

Database Backup

Hot Database Backup and Recovery

In business environment, you also need a disaster recovery plan for databases. Databases require a special approach, as they are kept in memory and can be accessed and modified by multiple users at once.

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Professional

Version 7.9.10, built on 16 February, 2018 . 65.7 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 99 USD per license.

Handy Backup Professional

For backup and disaster recovery of HDD data, you need the Professional edition, or higher. If you want to protect databases as well, please check Handy Backup Small Server.

Planning Disaster Recovery

The strategy that lies behind any disaster recovery plan is always the same. Firstly, you create a backup: this can be a hard drive image containing your operating system and all documents, a database dump, or simply a set of most important files.

Then you need to make sure that you will be able to restore the backup in case of an error. The most reliable way is to create a recovery CD/Flash drive which you can use to boot up the PC.

Why You Need a Bootable Recovery Drive

The necessity of an external bootable media is easily explainable: without it there’s a significant ambiguity regarding disaster recovery. What if your system failed, you hard drive broke down, and you can’t even start your computer?

You have a drive containing the backup, but to restore it you need a working system, and to run the system you need to restore your backup!

Backing up and Restoring Databases

The problem with databases is that they can’t be backed up with file-based approach. To write a database into a file, you need to stop a server - yet downtime of mission-critical databases is a disaster that all businesses want to avoid.

It’s best if the backup can be made without stopping the DBMS service, and that’s why we have developed many advanced plug-ins that are included with the software. Our program can perform hot backup and disaster recovery of MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, and many other popular DBMS.

There is a vast variety of features to organize the most effective backup system: wide choice of storage media, flexible scheduler, compression, encryption, and many other options.

Handy Backup - professional and affordable backup and disaster recovery software!

Learn more about MS SQL 2012 backup.

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