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TYPO3 backup is a backbone of TYPO3 CMS data security, necessary for either a website owner or a provider utilizing TYPO3. Handy Backup allows TYPO3 backup for database and static content, effectively automating all operations and fully replacing all options of a typical manual TYPO3 backup script.

Download Handy Backup

Version 8.0.4, built on 10 Jule, 2019
104 MB

Backup TYPO3 with Handy Backup: Advantages and Key Options

Cross-Platform Operations

Cross-Platform Operations

Handy Backup supports all modern versions of Windows, as well as Linux-based servers and workstations¹, on a native mode². You can either use a standalone edition to backup TYPO3, or utilize a network-oriented solution to perform TYPO3 backup on a remote computer over the local network.

Scheduling All Actions

You can schedule your TYPO3 backup task to run at an exact time, repeating it with a period from many months to a single minute. You can also performing pre-actions and post-actions, such as stopping your DBMS for performing "cold" TYPO3 DB backup, and restarting it again after finishing.

Scheduling All Actions
Selection of Data Storages

Selection of Data Storages

Handy Backup supports all modern data storages for TYPO3 backup content, including local drives, external USB disk units and flash pen modules, FTP/SFTP/FTPS servers, cloud services (e.g., Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, OneDrive, BackBlaze), private clouds via WebDAV, the HBDrive vault etc.

¹ Tested for Ubuntu Linux LTS 14.04 and 16.04, and adaptable by any Debian-based Linux solutions (including Ubuntu, Mint etc.) by reconfiguring a program repository.

² With an exception of interface component (GUI), which uses the Wine emulator under Linux to ensure the full compatibility of all graphical components of the user interface.

Other Features of Handy Backup

In addition to the options described earlier, these are many other possibilities and tools for backing up TYPO3 CMS in a most efficient and convenient way. Some of these options include:

  • "Cold" and "hot" backup. You have no need to stop your TYPO3 CMS to perform backup actions, although you can do it (to take a most consistent copy of the information, for example).
  • Preserving native data formats. Handy Backup preserves most files in original formats, allowing using these files just from backups, unless a user forces backup encryption and/or compression.
  • Compression and encryption. In Handy Backup, the built-in instruments are available for packing backup data to a ZIP archive and for encrypting these data by a 128-bit BlowFish.
  • Partial backup. Handy Backup allows incremental and differential data backup, as well as mixed (full and a fixed quantity of differential) backup techniques to save backup time and space.
  • Versioning and time-stamping. You can store some versions of the same dataset simultaneously. In addition, you can sign up these versions with time stamps in a chosen format.

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Small Business

Version 8.0.4, built on 10 Jule, 2019. 104 MB Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 249 USD per license.

Handy Backup Small Server

The Small Server solution, with all data and storage plug-ins available "out of the box", is a perfect software to backup TYPO3 CMS by any way you may need!

How to Perform TYPO3 Backup Using Handy Backup?

There is no dedicated TYPO3 backup plug-in in Handy Backup. Instead, you can use FTP-based plug-ins to download a TYPO3 static content, and then perform TYPO3 backup database of some type with an appropriate plug-in. To do it, please follow the next instruction.

  1. Open Handy Backup and open a new task wizard with Ctrl+N key combo, a menu item or a new task button located on the top management panel. Choose a backup task on the Step 1.
  2. On the Step 2, select FTP, SFTP or FTPS in the "FTP" plug-in group as your data source, according to the type of connection you are using to link with your TYPO3 CMS static content folder.
Selecting static data through FTP for TYPO3 full backup
  1. Double-click on the "New configuration" option. The new window will open, where you must provide all your FTP connection parameters. Test the connection to ensure its effectiveness.
  2. Select data on an FTP storage that you will plan to back up. To select a file or a folder, mark a checkbox against its name.
  3. Click on "OK" button and return to the Step 2.
  4. Now select the "Database" group. Here, choose the plug-in for a database engine (DBMS) running with your TYPO3. Double-click on a name of this plug-in.
  5. Again, double-click “New configuration…” and enter all the connection parameters for TYPO3 backup database in the dialog window. Test the connection to ensure that is all OK.
Adding dynamic MySQL data for TYPO3 backup database
  1. Select TYPO3 tables you will plan to save as copies by marking checkboxes against the names of these tables.
  2. Now proceed to the next step. On the Step 3, you can select the data storage among many featured options containing in Handy Backup.
  3. You can also select the backup type, set up versioning parameters and choose compression and/or encryption if you need (we recommend to encrypt your files).
  4. Now schedule your task. We are recommending scheduling your TYPO3 backup on a daily basis for full backups, as well as an hourly basis for incremental or differential data saving. For migrating tasks, do not schedule; instead, run these tasks manually.
  5. On the Step 7, you can set up pre- and post-actions for your task. As an example, you can run a TYPO3 backup script to stop a server and a DBMS before a task, and then to restart it.
  6. Finally, give your task a name and finish the task creation wizard.

An advice: You may need some different backup tasks (as an example, one for full backup in a "cold" mode and other for incremental backup only. To create another TYPO3 backup task, just copy an existing task in a main window using the context or main menu, and then edit all task parameters you need.

When You May Have a Need to Backup TYPO3

Typical situations and use cases requiring TYPO3 backup are:

  • Straight data protection — just for security and assurance.
  • Replacing hardware or software components of the TYPO3 server.
  • Migrating to another server or hosting.

The frequency and parameters of TYPO3 backup are quite different for each of these cases. Note that for website migration to another place you can always automate the restoring TYPO3 data just by clicking the “Change Location” button when creating a restoration task!

Download Handy Backup

Version 8.0.4, built on 10 Jule, 2019
104 MB

Use Handy Backup for TYPO3 full backup and separate saving of CMS content! Experience the possibilities of this solution by downloading a 30-day free trial version with all functions and plug-ins!

Video Example

Handy Backup allows backing up website via FTP, as well as using SQL database backup.

Note: Instructions in this video suggest that you already have Handy Backup installed on your computer. If you still have not done so, do not hesitate to download a copy of it.


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