Compact Flash Card Backup

Compact Flash card backup can mean one of two terms:

  1. Backup of entire contents of a card, based on the Compact Flash interface. Compact Flash card backup can be done to provide storage, convenice and security by copying data.
  2. Backup some data using Compact Flash card as a destination, due to its excellent mechanical and data-storing capabilities of this media type.

Saving Data From Compact Flash Media

Compact Flash Card Backup

Safekeeping Compact Flash (CF) card data is a common task among modern pro photographers and DSLR video shooters. The CF is a very convenient standard of digital media storage, and most of pro-level cameras use it as at least one of storage slot types.

Some non-computer devices like cameras mentioned above and travel data albums provides an option to backup Compact Flash cards directly without a computer.

A kind of this technique is a two-slot architecture of some cameras allowing to use one card to backup another, or to organize a sort of RAID 1 array for data keeping.

Backing Up Data Using CF Media As The Destination

Also, it is not uncommon to use CF cards as destination media for backup small amounts of data. Some small PC architectures uses Compact Flash cards as an extension to SSD fixed storages, and in this case, removable CF cards can be used for backup some important data from these systems.

Backup Compact Flash Content without a Computer

Some data devices, called often “portable albums” or “HDD photo storages”, allows backing up CF cards without a computer. The storage media type depends of the device options, and usually it is a HDD,another Compact Flash drive or even a SSD of some type.

Most popular of these devices include HyperDrive COLORSPACE, Canon Connect Station, some album devices provided by NEXTO and Wolverine, etc. Almost any manufacturer of external drives also has at least a couple of “portable album” models in its product list.

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