Remote Server Administration Tools

Remote Server Administration Tools

Remote server administration tools is a type of software used for administering different aspects of server from other machine (often called the "console"). It can be used for backing up server data, controlling database engines, creating or removing user accounts and privileges and so on.

Modern server OSes such as Windows Sever 2008 R2 or Small Business Server 2011 contains big packs of remote server administration tools, installed automatically with an OS or separately. The current server administration tool, called RSAT, can operate under almost any edition of Windows.

Features of Microsoft Remote Server Administration Tools

The administering software controls server from the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) or via the command-line interface. Typical tasks featured for remote server administration tools includes:

  • Backing up server data
  • Managing Hyper-V technology
  • Controlling the group policy
  • Installing and removing server software remotely
  • Performing database engine control actions
  • Tuning the network
  • Scheduling tasks and notifying users

Not all the functions listed are available from any single Microsoft remote server administration toolkit. Some actions may require separate software, pre-programmed command scripts or third party remote server administration tools.

Administering servers remotely may require the privileges of a server system administrator and, sometimes, the privileges of a network administrator as well. In addition, the stable connection between the server and the console of administrator is required to control the server remotely.

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