Tumblr Backup App (or This Is No Tumblr Backup for Windows)

Tumblr Backup Tool

Tumblr backup is a need when you plan to save your Tumblr blog, although this need is completely unsatisfied currently, especially for Windows and Linux users. The only conventional way allowing backing up your Tumblr is a dedicated Mac OS X Tumblr backup tool.

A History of Tumblr Backup Solutions

In days before, there was a Web page allowing Tumblr backup. Nowadays, this service is closed. We have only one proof-tested tool to make Tumblr backup copies – an application for Mac OS X. In an area of Tumblr backup Windows solutions have no availability currently.

Modern and Contemporary Methods of Tumblr Backup

Besides a mentioned Tumblr backup app for Mac OS X, there are some other methods allowing saving Tumblr data copies to another place. Let us shortly describe some of these methods.

Copying Blogs for Tumblr Backup

The Internet provides some descriptions about “backing up” your Tumblr blogs by making different blogs and copying the Tumblr content from an original block to these dupes to mock up a Tumblr backup. Still, these solutions only preserve data at the same blog service, adding zero to security.

Customized Solutions and Tumblr Backup Scripts

For advanced (and brave) users, there are some forms of scripts and self-made program utilities making Tumblr backup. We have no proof for any of these scripts and programs being convenient and secure, however. Still, you can find and use some of these solutions if you find it a good idea.

See also: Instagram Backup.

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