TSM Backup Solution for Server and Selective Data

TSM backup, where “TSM” is an acronym for “Tivoli Storage Manager” is a bunch of backup software solutions provided by IBM. TSM backup software can save data copies to different storage types, as well as manage any methods of backup (such as TSM progressive incremental backup).

Advantages of the TSM Backup Tool

Using IBM TSM backup brings some advantages to both end-users and administrators of entire network domains and clusters, including:

  • Integrating with a Network Boot function to load an IBM RS/6000 OS from a network storage;
  • Storing data copies on a vast, secure Tivoli cloud service (with different storage plans);
  • Methods of TSM server backup automation, allowing creating complex backup scenarios;
  • Reducing costs of backup and restore by IBM Spectrum Protect technologies;
  • Advanced backup techniques, such as TSM selective backup.

Virtual Machine Backup

For VMware virtual machines, IBM has a complete virtual backup solution, which compares to almost no typical backup software existed on a market (except some all-inclusive solutions such as Handy Backup, also providing a service related to VMware).

Usability of IBM TSM Backup

The main question about TSM backup is the qualification and skill of personnel making front-end tasks for a TSM backup solution. Many details of the interface (such as tuning a TSM incremental backup) may require a specific level of knowledge, and, perhaps, some special training.

Costs and Fees

As for any commercial backup solution, TSM backup is costly. Depending of data size, storage type and backup functions, you can expect to kiss some dollars every month to support data security and consistency. Despite that, even individual users find these costs affordable for a service.

Technical Support and Internal Security Measures

Any TSM backup solution has both strong technical support and information service, starting from a detailed description on a web site and including such things as operative calls to IBM tech support crew. Regular internal backups and maintenance services will guarantee security for your data.

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