Backup Affiliate Program for Handy Backup

Affiliate backup software program allows you be our affiliate without extra costs or efforts. To become a part of a backup affiliate program, please follow the next sequence of actions:


Sign up to Avangate with an affiliate page:

Sign Up to Become an Avangate Affiliate

Note: To sign in to Avangate affiliate backup program, you must provide all the required fields to Avangate website. You will find a complete registering form just below the sign-up prompt marked by red on the picture above.


After creating an account, do all the things that Avangate requires, such as providing a web link on your site.


When you place an Avangate ordering link onto your web page, any purchasing from your page will grant you a fee from an Avangate, so be sure that you do all that Avangate requires!


Then place some Handy Backup promotional links on your website, too. You can find all the promotional materials on our product promotion page.

An advice: You can use banners, text links or both these types of promo materials on your page, depending of layout and design matters you have.


Besides promo for affiliate backup software solution, we are recommending to place at least one link for direct downloading our product from your page.


Set up an automatic update of Handy Backup materials and downloads on your website. To do it, use PAD files. Obtain PAD files for auto updating here:

  • PAD for Standard edition
  • PAD for Professional edition
  • PAD for Small Server edition
  • PAD for Server Network edition

If you require further information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email at We are more than happy to address any questions you may have about our backup software affiliate program. For inquiries about our White Label Backup Program, feel free to include those as well. We are here to provide comprehensive information and support tailored to your needs.

Thank you for interesting in Handy Backup!

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