Handy Backup Free for Clouds

Handy Backup Free edition for using with cloud storages allows backing up and restoring files, folders and Windows libraries from local and network devices linked to a local computer. It supports backup to most popular clouds (OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive).

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Version 7.17.0, built on 20 September, 2018. 164 MB


Handy Backup Free Software for Clouds Edition

The PCWorld magazine Opinion: “Handy Backup is plain, powerful, and easy to use”

According to the review from PCWorld, one of top-level IT magazines of the world, “Handy Backup is utilitarian in the best sense; it`s a backup program with a no-nonsense interface and a boatload of features.”

PC World Handy Backup Free review

Supported Systems

The Solution Goals and Purposes

The Handy Backup Free for Clouds solution can serve you as a free introduction to the vast world of Handy Backup, copying and restoring your local or network data to accounts on some popular clouds. It cannot replace full-functional Handy Backup editions but serve well as a simple backup utility.

Capabilities of the Free Edition

Compared with the simplest commercial edition, the Standard version of Handy Backup, the Handy Backup Free for Clouds edition lacks some additional features, although it still supports all the necessary functions for backing up. Please see the table for detailed comparison:

EditionFree for CloudStandard

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Backup Source
Local and network plug-ins
Clouds as backup sources
Backup Destination
Saving data locally (on built-in or external HDD)
Backup to Google Drive
Backup to Dropbox
Backup to Microsoft OneDrive
Backup to Yandex.Disk
Buying extra plug-ins

See product page of Handy Backup Standard.

Registering the Program

To register your copy of Handy Backup Free for Clouds, please fill out the required information (marked by asterisks) on the form below:

Please enter your namePlease enter a valid e-mail addressAre you a robot? Solve the captcha, please!Registration success!

The Registering Process

For a free edition, you must register it immediately after setup. To complete the registration, use the following simple steps:

  1. Run the Handy Backup Free.
  2. On the Help menu, click Enter your serial number.
  3. Enter the key number provided above for you.
  4. Click Register.

If you experience any troubles during the registration, please contact us at support@handybackup.net. We will try to solve all your registering problems as quickly as possible.

Your personal ticket to the world of Handy Backup! Use Handy Backup Free for Clouds – feel the freedom, fell the safety!


  • WilliamC

    I just downloaded the free version and after I installed it I notice it will expire in 29 days? Am I missing something?В 

  • Moderator

    Hi William! Please visitВ https://handy-backup.com/register-free.shtml to get the free version registered.

  • Inbox Undelete

    i appreciate your reply. when do you think FREE version will be available? is it october 2012 or later?

  • Moderator

    Planning release an updated free version till the end of the year.В 

  • Inbox Undelete

    why you lie to us and say that you will release this version VERY SOON? just remove free version and say that we should purchase standard ver. В  its not good to lie to your clients.

  • Moderator

    Hi Inbox Undelete! Thanks for the feedback. Actually, the arrival of the up-to-date Handy Backup Free is all about priorities and what users request. Right this moment we are working on disk imaging features (so users get handy functionality to back up their Windows 7 before migrating to Windows 8), improved controls for remote backup of multiple computers at a time, and new interface. If you think that a free version is more important than those ones, please let us know, and your voice shall be heard.

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