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Handy Backup Network

Handy Backup™ Network is the flexible network backup software for Windows. It can save user-level data from a bunch of remote machines under the guide of a single Handy Backup network workstation called a Management Panel and governing all backup and restore activity.

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Version 7.8.8
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Hot Backup

Hot Backup of PC Files and Folders

As one of the best network backup solutions for small business purposes, this software can save any user files and folders, even those that in a processing by other programs.

Virtual Machine Backup

Taking Entire System Snapshots

The solution can take a “hot” copy of a remote system image, creating a VHD file, mountable as a virtual machine drive or as a virtual disk for browsing its content.

Network-Based Data Backup

Auto Backup of Network-Based Data

Software can automate taking data copies from such network storages as FTP, SFTP and FTPS (e.g. static website content), cloud accounts, remote drives and NAS units etc.

Plug-in Extensions

Plug-in Extensions

Expand the basic functionality of our workstation backup software by adding plug-ins, for example, to save SQL database from a DBMS such as MySQL, MS SQL, etc.

Linux Backup

Supporting Linux Remote Machines

Handy Backup can free a user from a need for using standalone Linux workstation backup solutions. It has a capability to copy Linux files, folders and some other content natively.

Learn about installing Handy Backup on OS Linux.

Handy Backup Network scheme

The Single Management Panel for All Backup and Recovery Tasks

Handy Backup Network centralizes all tasks and operations, requiring no physical presence on a remote computer position to run any backup process a user can need.

Supporting A Variety of Data Storages

Supporting All Actual Data Storages

The solution supports a great amount of storages, such as local and mapped disks, external USB drives, FTP/SFTP/FTPS, NAS units and clouds like Amazon S3, Google Drive, OwnCloud, Backblaze and Dropbox.

Flexible Backup Tuning

The workstation backup software contains such options for data saving as incremental, differential and mixed backups, versioned backups, as well as scheduling backup tasks by a period or an event.

Backup Types
Compression and Encryption

Compression and Encryption Features

The program have built-in options of 128-bit modified BlowFish encryption and data compression for backups. These options add to security and economy of both traffic size and storage space.

Running Silently as Windows Service

This option allow the program and its clients to make no distractions for users when performing its tasks. Workstation backup in a silent mode will free the user time for more creative tasks.

Running Other Programs Before or After a Task

The feature of pre- and post-action allows running other software or batch files before or after completing a task. A user can built backup operations into a complete automatic data workflow.

Running Other Programs Before or After Backup
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Version 7.8.8, built on 15 March, 2017
65.8 MB

Native Format Backup

Native Backup Formats Allow Quick Restoration and Browsing

The program keep backups in native data formats, so any user can open a backup folder to browse its content, to view or even modify a particular single file without a complete restoration of all dataset.

Quick Backup Software

High Speed and Effective Hardware Usage

Many optimizations such as multi-threaded data transferring engine and fast internal algorithms make this network backup software very quick and undemanding to system resources.

Advanced Interface

Advanced Interface

Such features as a comprehensible GUI, task wizard, report window and optional email notifying about any significant event greatly enhance the overall usability of this solution.

Lifetime Licensing

Lifetime Licensing, NO Hidden Costs, NO Fees

Under any product for any major version of Handy Backup, the license is last only when this product lifetime ends up. The price tag contains no hidden costs and fees, and all minor updates are free.

The network backup software for Windows, Handy Backup Network works under MS Windows 10/8/7/Vista and Windows Server 2016/2012(R2)/2008(R2). It has a capability to support Linux remote machines running under .deb and .rpm-based distros. No special hardware is required.

Licensing Information

To order a backup solution for a network, you need the Management Panel and Workstation Agents:

Handy Backup Network

Handy Backup Network*


Workstation Agents 

$49 per unit

* Handy Backup Network installation also includes one Workstation Agent to back up the computer where it is installed.

Video Tutorial - How to Install Network Agents

This video tutorial will guide you through installing network agents. Instruction assumes that you have already installed Management Panel.

Installing Network Agents on Windows Computers (PDF)

Installing Handy Backup on Linux Computers (PDF)

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