Unresolved Backup Exec 2012 Issue

Backup Exec 2012 issues confirm the fact no one can get rid of bugs completely. Some solutions have more, some solutions have less. It’s a popular cause among our new users to switch at Handy Backup because it can do lots of stuff, other solutions can’t, absolutely bug-free. This definitely make us proud, but Handy Backup is a fair play.

Safety of Your Data Is The Most Important Thing

It doesn’t matter to us, what backup solutions you do use. Only your data safety matters. So, we have decided to help everyone by writing short guides to the common errors occurring in backup software. Below you can find a decription for a Backup Exec 2012 issue. Enjoy, and don’t forget to try our software, which is free of this.

Unresolved Backup Exec 2012 Bug

While working under Windows Server 2008 R2 and trying to select Media under Storage Properties, an error message "Query Failed" occurs. Neither manual nor inbuilt renaming the media doesn’t help.

Actually, this Backup Exec 2012 bug hasn’t been resolved yet. So if the inconvenience it brings you seems critical, the best we can recommend is migrating to another backup product (for instance, trying the you-know-what-product; tip: it has got "Backup" and "Handy" in its’ name).

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