Schedule Backup at Shutdown or Logoff

You can manage Handy Backup to run any backup task when log off the computer. This way, the system will perform the selected task before shutting down or exiting from the system, saving all results selected for backup before finishing the session.

Advantages of Implementation

Scheduling backup by the logoff or shutdown event can be useful in next cases and situations:

  • Saving personal data created or modified by a user during the job;
  • Backing up server data or an entire drive image before logoff server session;
  • Routine workflow backup on logoff, to execute reserve copying outside the worktime.

Note: To implement this function, a user or an administrator must run Handy Backup as Windows service. (Please see the User Manual to learn how to do it.)

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How to Back up Some Data When Logging off or Shutting Down

To set up a Handy Backup task to run on logoff, please see the following instruction.

  1. Create a new task by selecting an appropriate control item, or by pressing Ctrl+N. Alternatively, open an existing backup task to edit the properties.
  2. Set up new task parameters up to Step 6 (scheduling), or open the “Scheduling” tab on the property-editing window. You will see a window layout like this screenshot:
Schedule Backup at Shutdown or Logoff
  1. On a bottom of this screen, find an option called “Run on logoff (the task will be executed upon logging off). Mark the checkbox against it.
  2. Finish the task creation, or accept all changes and close the property-editing window. Your selected task will now run every time before shutdown or logoff, until you delete the task, quit Handy Backup or remove the logoff scheduling property from this task by unchecking it.

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