Span Backup Across Multiple DVDs


Span backup is a process of backing up data that needs splitting.During backing up data users sometimes face with the problem that the file you are backing up is too large to fit the appropriate storage that is convenient for you.

This is the situation when Span Backup is appropriate.

Of course, some of professional users have an opportunity to store their data on Solid State Hard Drives and also External hard drives and in this cases they don′t need to split large files for span backup, but thatmay be too expensive and useless for small amount of data to be backed up.

That′s why some of us use DVD discs for backing up data. The main advantages of DVD Backup with efficient DVD Backup Software:

  • Cheapness
  • Cost/effectiveness ratio
  • Availability for Home PCs
Backup to DVD

Handy Backup has a feature of backing up large files across multiple DVD.

Handy Backup Automatically asks users to insert the new DVD disc after the previous one is full during back up process. You just need not to forget about your back up task. Also you can use HD DVD for backing up that allows using 25 GB of disc space.

There are two main thing that you must have to back up data on DVD:

  • DVD-R Drive
  • Approriate amount of Discs (it depends upon the amount of data that you want to backup).

Unfortunately, Span Backup feature is temporarily unavailable in Handy Backup 7.6.2. This feature will be available soon. If you want to use span backup right now you can use version 6.9.7 .As you can see Handy Backup is really handy because you don′t need to use third party burning software. Handy Backup has built-in tool for burning DVDs.

In the end I′d like to sum up the advantages of Handy Backup as a backup software for DVD:

  • Built-in burning tool
  • Notification that DVD storage is full
  • Automatic Data Span feature

Detailed instruction about how to perform spanned DVD backup you can find in User Manual.

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