oVirt Backup Virtual Machine Solutions

oVirt Backup

oVirt backup is a necessity for those who utilize oVirt for daily job or for making a complex infrastructure based on virtual machines. Related to KVM, oVirt backup virtual machine technology has many common feats with KVM backup, and provides some extra possibilities and tools.

oVirt Backup Solutions

The engine-backup for Making oVirt Backup Script Sequences

For oVirt, it is a built-in oVirt VM backup instrument called engine-backup. It is a typical console utility, ready to be a part of some oVirt backup script or a base for GUI-laden utility (if someone will have a need to write a separate oVirt backup virtual machine solution based on this engine).

  • To make oVirt VM backup using engine-backup, just check the user manual for this utility (readily available in the oVirt documentation). Files containing oVirt backup data are always of tar 1 format. If you need to schedule a task or stop an engine when oVirt backup VM, please use cron.

1 This is an uncompressed archive format popular for Unix-based and Linux systems, originally used for keeping big data arrays on tapes and streamers. Nowadays, this is a non-popular format used mainly for making open-source software builds and keeping consistent arrays of server-level data.

oVirt Backup and Restore API for Independent Vendors

Developers provide an oVirt backup technology based on a virtual machine API to make external oVirt backup solutions. Compared to engine-backup, these solutions have much more types of output formats, storage vaults, provide internal tools for encrypting oVirt backup VM, scheduling and so on.

Handy Backup can develop a feature for oVirt VM backup without any troubles, and if you need this feature, please send us a letter with your opinions and wishes to an address sales@handybackup.net (please mark the theme of your letter in the appropriate field!)

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