QEMU Live Backup Snapshot for Raw Virtual Machine Image

QEMU Backup Virtual Machine

QEMU backup VM is a procedure of making a consistent copy for some virtual machine governed by QEMU hypervisor. Methods of taking a consistent QEMU incremental backup or full image include utilizing a QEMU guest agent and using third-party software solutions, such as Handy Backup.

QEMU Backup VM: Problems and Solutions

"Cold" QEMU Drive Backup

As for any virtual machine, the most consistent QEMU backup is a "cold" snapshot of QEMU drive. To run such task, you need to write a QEMU backup script stopping a QEMU VM instance, then taking a backup and restarting a saved virtual machine again.

  • In Handy Backup, you may rely to the Step 7 where you can set up commands running before and/or after taking a QEMU backup snapshot.

QEMU Live Backup for Running Virtual Machine

A "hot" QEMU backup can be inconsistent unless you utilize a QUEMU guest agent or another solution to "hold up" data from a running QEMU backup image. The most unified approach, however, is to use an external backup solution allowing "shadow" copying QEMU drives as files when running a hypervisor.

  • Dedicated plug-ins for Handy Backup, such as Hyper-V or a perspective tool for QEMU KVM backup, often have a capability of creating consistent "hot" backups.

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If you have some opinions or ideas related to QEMU backup VM theme, please do not hesitate to write us a letter at sales@handybackup.net and describe what you want. We will be glad to take your opinions into account when developing plug-ins related to QEMU, such as KVM and ProxMox backup!

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