KVM Backup Solution: Snapshot Software for a Virtual Machine

KVM Backup Software

KVM backup is a typical part of a Linux server backup. Handy Backup actively develops its Linux branch, announcing plans for making a dedicated tool for KVM live backup. This feature will backup KVM virtual machine (including backing up running VM), creating any KVM backup strategy that a user will want.

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Version 8.1.2, built on 21 February 2020
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Features of a KVM Backup Solution

Description: By analogy with existing virtual machine backup tools, KVM backup software will allow some crucial features and functions to backup KVM virtual machine instances with maximum of efficiency, depending of virtual drive model used.

“Hot” KVM Snapshot Backup

As mentioned before, Handy Backup often allows “live” backup of running virtual machines. Therefore, a new feature will have a capability for KVM backup running VM without stopping the instance backed up.

Live Backup of Running Virtual Machines
KVM Automatic Backup

Built-in Schedule

To maximize automation and allow building up any particular strategy, Handy Backup will allow scheduling a KVM image backup task to start and repeat by any pre-defined time and/or system event.

Running a Task Sequence

Besides scheduling, Handy Backup has another instrument of effective KVM VM backup automation – a tool for starting any command (e.g. a KVM backup script) before and/or after a running task.

Run Other Programs Before or After KVM Backup

How to Backup KVM

In addition to a dedicated feature, Handy Backup provides a complete set of functions and features making it an efficient KVM backup solution. Among these features are some crucial options listed below:

  • Partial backup: incremental, differential and mixed full/differential;
  • Keeping a pre-defined quantity of versions for the same backup set;
  • Encryption (BlowFish) and compression (ZIP) built-in features;
  • Network-based KVM backup software, working in heterogeneous networks1;
  • Informing and reporting a user about all operations (including emailing reports).
KVM Backup Encryption and Compression

1Theoretically, Handy Backup can save a KVM image backup just now, without any dedicated plug-in, using a network-oriented solution. To save a KVM backup instance, a user can select either a “Computer” plug-in for pre-located raw file, or a “Disk Image” for a LVM partition.

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Server Network

Version 8.1.2, built on 21 February 2020. 106 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 299 USD per license.

Handy Backup Server Network

The unified solution for centralized network backup, the Server Network edition allows saving any data from remote Windows and Linux machines in plain and heterogeneous networks. Try a 30-day free trial edition with all functions and plug-ins!

KVM Backup and Different Virtual Drive Models

For now, there are the three basic models of virtual drives used for making KVM image backup.

  • LVM: uses separate partitions as KVM virtual drives. If you are planning KVM backup virtual machine based on LVM, you are actually backing up a disk or partition image.
  • RAW: uses simple files as KVM disk images. In this form, you can make a KVM snapshot backup just by saving a copy of a raw file.
  • QCOW2: a special format for QEMU hypervisor, allowing much control for KVM VMs and also containing a built-in tool for a simple KVM backup script.

Often, methods and simplicity of KVM backup is not a primary issue for choosing one of the drive image formats described above. However, each of these storage types requires a different approach for using the KVM backup solution.

Please Help Us to Develop a KVM Backup Plug-in for You!

If you want to have most convenient, most efficient KVM backup software plug-in for Handy Backup as quickly as possible, please send us a letter with your wishes and opinions about necessary functionality and prerequisites for such tool. We are glad to listen for every user’s opinion about our products!

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